The Scope of Data Center Services

The Scope of Data Center Services

The technological innovations having paved the way for enterprises to communicate digitally,  has led them to depend on world class infrastructure and best of the breed applications. With the volume of data transferred across geographically distant stakeholders and workforce being vast, enterprises turns towards exclusive IT zones for management of critical data. Such centralized repositories that are characterized with computing power, large capacity of digital storage and data switches for local and wide area networks are referred to as data centers.

Data centersenables storage, management and dissemination of large volumes of business critical data across the widespread corporate network.  Nevertheless, irrespective of the size, data centers are challenged to keep up with the constantly evolving technology, next generation applications, emerging business models besides the security and power constraints. Though data centers have a networked environment, these are threatened with security breaches. Further data centers require large investments as a result, only the large corporates have their own data centers with dedicated servers. The small and medium enterprises make use of new-age technological enhancements through the shared hosting services and colocation services offered by the data center service providers.

The large corporates with their dedicated servers, storage racks and telecommunication and networking equipments take measures to prevent unlawful access to their vital information. The data center service providers also make use of a number of data protection and data loss prevention methods and network penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data. However, enterprises should also be well equipped to ensure business continuity even in wake of any natural and man-made outages.

Most enterprises therefore tend to outsource the data management services from data center service providers as they are well equipped both with IT infrastructure and a robust business continuity disaster recovery plans. Such preparedness on part of the data centers assures enterprises with business continuity come what may. The leading data center service providers facilitates the client enterprises with agility and flexibility of IT operations through their wide range of data center services which includes dedicated hosting services, cloud hosting services, SAP application hosting, managed dedicated hosting,  e commerce Portal Hosting and Colocation Services.

For the small and medium enterprises, the colocation hosting services offers benefits such as 99.99% uptime, Custom-designed racks in per-device increments of 1U, 2U, 3U, etc; Quarter, half, or full-rack spaces, high levels of security and robust connectivity. The managed dedicated hosting provides operations support,  automated backups, data restoration and handles escalation of any hardware issues besides experts handling all mundane server administration. The leading service providers without any compromise on quality of servers, offers enterprises cost-effective and unlimited computing power with dedicated hosting in a high-security environment thus providing a competitive edge. 

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