Custom Software Application Development

Whether we’re helping you plan and develop a new project or integrating with your legacy systems, our experts utilize an array of technologies and development languages to find the most efficient and effective solution. Cobb Systems® owns and maintains a full suite of proprietary custom applications and component code designed to support the end-to-end business processes that spans pricing and offer development, campaign management, channel partner support and payment options combined with reporting and analytics that encompass a closed loop system and ability to gain unique consumer insights about their business. Our clients have found this approach attractive both from a cost savings point of view as well as the ability to get solutions executed and into the market in significantly shorter timeframes than other options available.

Web Design and Usability Testing

Having a well-designed website is useless if the back-end technology doesn’t seamlessly support your functionality and your message. Our creative and technology teams work hand-in-hand to create sleek, smart systems that meet your business goals. We offer a full service web design and development capability with an approach that includes gaining the full understanding of business goals and strategies which are then rationalized with what consumers are looking for, resulting in the final step of deploying a robust enterprise system with capabilities that meet business objectives while providing a best-in-class customer experience.

Digital and Traditional Advertising & Brand Management

At Cobb Systems, we provide broad-based support to help agencies and clients connect with customers across a spectrum of media. Collectively, the experienced management resources from Cobb Systems and agency partners includes a combined 50 years’ experience in sales, marketing, advertising, consumer research and custom application solutions with proven success across industries such as competitive energy retail marketing and computing technologies.

Research and Consumer Insights

Before you sink hours of development time into a project, make sure your strategy is sound. Our research and consumer insights team does the detailed legwork required to make sure you’re making the best use of your budget. We have an experienced staff well versed in approaches to find the best candidates to conduct live focus groups to validate product and offer development combined with usability studies to ensure you execute the best customer experience possible in order to differentiate your business in today’s highly competitive environments.

Channel Solutions & Operations Support

In this age of highly targeted communication, we can help you develop smart channel solutions that build relationships with the right decision makers at the perfect moment. The team at Cobb Systems is experienced in developing capabilities to enable company growth across a broad spectrum of sales and marketing channels that include direct sales through door-to-door selling, third party call center sales, both inbound and outbound, and strategic marketing partnerships that allow for cost effective, variable cost approaches to acquiring customers.


Cobb Systems is a privately owned corporation based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1995 with a mission to provide technically superior information systems and top rated development resources to ensure customer satisfaction, we practice honesty and integrity in developing solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We approach every project with this goal in mind – to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of quality and service. Our success to date has been directly related to our business philosophy, which is based on traditional business values: •developing long-term relationships •providing exceptional customer service •creating products that add value to our customers business.