Showcase: Pioneering Enterprise E-Commerce Successes

IT Leadership

DigitalNetHosting, guided by the visionary expertise of our Practice Leader, stands at the vanguard of e-commerce and digital marketing advancements. This distinguished leader has been pivotal in fostering technological innovation and overseeing the operations of several prestigious companies. Renowned for propelling business growth and adeptly managing complex tech undertakings, his contributions have been instrumental in the e-commerce and digital marketing triumphs of these enterprises. Below, we highlight a selection of showcase businesses that have flourished through his distinguished leadership over the years.



About:, an online marketplace specializing in high-quality wigs, hairpieces, and extensions, represents one of the hallmark achievements under our Practice Leader’s guidance at DigitalNetHosting. The platform stands out for its commitment to providing a diverse array of hair solutions catering to a wide range of needs, from fashion to medical purposes. Through strategic e-commerce and digital marketing initiatives, has established itself as a leading destination for individuals seeking premium hair products, demonstrating the tangible impact of innovative leadership in transforming online retail spaces.

Frontera Furniture


About: Frontera Furniture is renowned for offering premium outdoor furniture that combines style with durability. Our leadership in technology development and operations management has played a pivotal role in establishing Frontera’s online presence, making high-end outdoor living accessible to a global customer base.

Navy Exchange

Website: Navy Exchange

About: As a $3B retailer based in Virginia Beach, VA, Navy Exchange serves the US Navy community with a wide range of products. Our strategic planning for their Oracle-based Omni-Channel E-Commerce Platform, focusing on disaster recovery and business continuity, has ensured compliance with DoD standards and enhanced customer experience.

Toys R Us (UK)

Website: Toys R Us UK

About: A beloved brand among children and parents alike, Toys R Us (UK) offers an extensive collection of toys and games. Our expertise has supported the brand in maintaining a dynamic online retail presence, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers in the UK.

Mills Fleet Farm

Website: Mills Fleet Farm

About: Mills Fleet Farm provides a comprehensive range of quality goods, from outdoor equipment to home essentials. Our leadership has contributed to the modernization of their e-commerce platform, facilitating a robust and user-friendly online shopping environment.


Position: VP Marketing, 2007, Dallas, Texas

About: Specializing in customizable greeting cards for both personal and business use, has benefited from our strategic marketing and technology management. Our efforts have significantly enhanced their online market presence, driving sales and customer engagement.

Managed Hosting Services Division – Dell

Location: Austin, Texas

About: Leading the development of hosting IT infrastructure, our Practice Leader propelled the business to achieve $100M in revenue. This division underscored the importance of reliable and scalable hosting solutions for growing online businesses.

Dell Online Developments

About: The development and management of, including Dell Premier and, highlight our capacity to handle large-scale e-commerce projects. Our strategic direction has helped Dell solidify its online presence, offering a seamless purchasing process for customers.