Performance Pro®

Software Solutions & Sales ToolsPerformance Pro® is a Cobb Systems solution suite of software applications and sales tools aimed at helping electricity retailers or Retail Energy Providers (REP’s) and broker/partners in the deregulated electrical industry quickly and easily:
  • Reduce costs while bringing to market new products (internally & externally)
    Analyze & implement pricing and margin changes to new and existing products
  • Create and manage promotion/campaign margin effectiveness
  • Compute, create and validate commission plans to sales teams and        partners (Report on 3rd party new customer enrollment information)
  • Automate workflows for product, campaign and promotion changes/approvals (In Texas, this includes Electricity Facts Label (EFL) creation
  • Maximize regional and consumer type pricing opportunities
  • Facilitate broker/channel partner onboarding

Challenge: Retail Energy Providers need IT systems and sales tools to be responsive, reliable and easily accessible. Reliance on disparate management solutions, spreadsheets and manual processes make addressing new market opportunities complex and costly.

Solution: Implement Cobb Systems, Inc. Performance Pro, a sales and product management engine used reduce costs by saving on resource time needed to handle the complex series of steps required for price changes, new promotions, partner onboarding and commission validation.

Benefit: When these REPs need to speed market adoption or provide new promotions or margin changes to address price challenges or opportunities in the market, they can quickly and easily build or change new promotions, campaigns and pricing models that give their internal and external sales teams and consumers the information they need, which helps maintain or increase sales and customer enrollments. This system virtually eliminates the need to follow old manual and resource intensive product/price change processes, creating a dynamic new product pricing system and saving tens of thousands of dollars each time while also increasing revenues and growing partner channels.

Margin Analysis

Report, set and analyze margin targets and adjust pricing quickly to meet market changes.

Channel Partner Reporting

  • Manage channel partner/broker contact information and validate payment or commission structures.
Pricing & Promotions Setup
  • Review, manage and edit current price plans and promotions.
  • Broker – Channel Partner Onboarding (Internal/External)
  • Facilitates new broker/channel partner onboarding with workflow step-by-step business approval processing.

*If you are a broker/channel sales partner looking to increase sales efficiencies by automating pricing/promotion updates and quickly validating commission plans, please contact us today.

Electrical Deregulated Energy Market Overview
The U.S. electric energy industry is going through changes in the way it delivers electricity to Americans. The $200+ billion industry, which has been named the last large government-sponsored monopoly, is being deregulated and opened to competition. This is giving consumers the power to choose their electricity provider similar to the way they choose telephone carriers or internet providers.