Technical Competency

Career-long technology focused professional originating with employer AT&T. Fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Bell Labs’ teams in New Jersey. Working with world-renowned experts early in my career shaped my perspective on the value of technology innovation.


Client’s online retail business was experiencing rapid growth.  The company’s resources and in-house technology skills reached capacity finding themselves focused more on technology related issue management than their core business; selling high-end furniture and providing excellent customer service their brand and reputation were built on. Frontera Furniture Case Study

The decision to outsource all technology management to DigitalNetHosting® and utilize managed services including Digital Marketing; enabled the Client to focus 100% on customers.

Led transformation of Retail Electric Provider’s technology platforms restricting ability to execute new business and pricing strategies designed to benefit both: Consumers, more product choices and improved customer experience; Company, business process improvements and added competitive differentiation.

Solution:   Developed several custom enterprise applications and business tools for company users to manage pricing systems; e.g. business analysts, marketing managers, traders and Operations’ team.

Deployment Complexity:  Microsoft SQL platform to support centralizing a data warehouse, backwards compatibility to legacy systems, including Oracle data marts, real-time integration to trading systems and external Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ (ERCOT) systems, necessary to perform Regulated financial settlements within the Texas competitive wholesale power market; and NASDAQ. (C#, C+, C++)

Technologies:   Utilized next generation .NET framework to support custom application development leveraging architecture using an object-oriented approach not limited to Windows-based applications or Web-based applications and to ensure the new infrastructure would be extensible long-term, allowing interoperability with any code base using an increasingly widely adopted .NET framework; in addition to adopting the utilization of extensible XML based web services to connect distributed systems.

Led creation of enterprise-wide web-based application and deployment worldwide to enable commercial businesses to order online from Dell, in addition to value added purchase history “Asset Management” reporting to further competitive differentiation. Business environment was a tumultuous time with rapid multi-billion-dollar growth exceeding 200% annually and technology teams faced with significant demands supporting 12 separate and distinct lines of business (LOB) serving unique industry verticals.

Solution:   Created and designed an advanced custom hosted web application with architecture based on business requirements segment stakeholders submitted for functionality to enable operation by non-technical users to publish and manage customers’ web portals. Each online portal site to contain customer specific pricing or GSA schedule, standard hardware configurations, and full purchase history.

Deployment Complexity:   Deployed secure application suite accessible worldwide utilizing an innovative design for centralized data driven web site architecture, facilitating rapid site publishing, scalable to 60K custom web sites capable of handling multilingual characters, international currencies. (C#, C+, C++, VB)

Technologies:   Leveraged Microsoft technology platform, .ASP object-oriented framework & Microsoft SQL Server databases architected to meet high availability performance; web services and application program interface (API’s) to integrate non-Microsoft, legacy systems and extraneous data stores. (Linux)

Security+ Exp.03/30/2019
Code: FTGG94VMGH1EY59G  Verify at:
Cyber Security Awareness 3.0 (Exp. 03/30/2017)
Security+  meets ISO 17024 standard approved by U.S. Department of Defense.  Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and Risk Management Framework RMF.