DigitalNetHosting Empowers with Cutting-Edge Wig Auction Platform


Marshalltown, Iowa — DigitalNetHosting is proud to announce its latest collaboration with, leading the online wig retail industry into a new era with the launch of an advanced Auction Service on Crafted to redefine the management of premium brand wig collections, this service introduces an innovative method for customers to convert their seldom-used wigs into valuable store credits, paving the way for new, fashionable acquisitions.

Enhancements Brought by the Auction Service:

  • Instant Store Credits: Our platform enables customers to sell their wigs effortlessly, granting immediate credits to reinvest in the latest styles from an extensive catalog.
  • Effortless Decluttering: We streamline the process, handling the listing of premium wigs on behalf of customers, simplifying wardrobe refreshes.
  • Simplified Selling Process: DigitalNetHosting’s technology solutions support all aspects, from product listing to sale completion, removing the hassle from the selling experience.
  • Extended Value Recovery: Offering a solution beyond traditional return periods, our Auction Service allows for an innovative way to recuperate investments on unused items.
  • Seamless Selling Experience: We eliminate the complexities of online selling, managing all intricate details to provide a user-friendly platform.
  • Guaranteed Security and Simplicity in Transactions: Our system is designed to handle all financial transactions securely, offering peace of mind to sellers.
  • Protected Selling Environment: We ensure a safe and trustworthy platform, safeguarding sellers from the risks associated with direct buyer interactions.

Fostering a Community of Wig Enthusiasts

This collaboration not only serves as a marketplace but also nurtures a thriving community passionate about wigs, offering a sustainable and economical option for style updates. DigitalNetHosting is excited to support in offering such a transformative service.

Angela Holley, President of, shares her enthusiasm: “We’re ecstatic about the launch of this service, made possible by DigitalNetHosting. It’s a significant step forward in providing value to our customers and uniting wig lovers in a supportive community.”

Explore the revolutionary Auction Service at and join a forward-thinking circle of wig enthusiasts. Refresh your look with, backed by the technological prowess of DigitalNetHosting.

About DigitalNetHosting:

DigitalNetHosting is a leading provider of innovative IT and hosting solutions, dedicated to enhancing online retail experiences through technology. Our partnership with reflects our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in e-commerce and community building.

Contact Information:

Michael Swart
Practice Leader