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Great Plains Reseller: Customer Address Update on Sop Invoices

Microsoft Dynamics GP is open to customizations, modifications and reporting just via the fact that it is in essence Microsoft SQL Server database application.  Unlike others small business and mid-market ERP applications (SAP Business One, for example), GP allows you to update its tables fields via SQL update command.  However, before you ask your SQL DBA to stand out, create Update script and incorporate it as regular (overnight) SQL job, we would like you to think about MRP and ERP auditing implications.  If this data alteration is not a concern, then, let’s go to the details:

1.       SOP work and historical invoices.  Please review the following GP tables: SOP10100 – this is Sales Order Processing Work Document Header and SOP30200 – this is respectively historical one

2.       Statement To Address.  When you create SOP document: Invoice, Quotation or Sales Order, you copy customer address from Statement To Address ID directly to SOP header table

3.       What happens if your customer moves and changes contact person.  Imagine scenario, when you send out customer invoice, then in a month from that date you realized that customer office moved to new location and they let old contact person and now they hired new warehouse manager.  In this scenario, you most likely would like to create Crystal Reports or probably even giving it lower profile – Smart List report in GP to reflect new address and new purchasing manager.  In some cases you would like to reprint historical sales documents with new customer address and contact person info.  All these routines are doable and all we need is simple SQL update statement, however again we would like you to evaluate auditing implication

4.       If you are positive to go ahead.  Please, contact our office via email or directly by our 866 number below

Source by Andrew Karasev

HP Mini 210 to help you with computing

HP has launched its new Pine Trail netbooks and named it HP Mini 210. HP is calling the Mini 210 their third-generation consumer netbooks. It comes with Windows XP home. The HP Mini 210 is the decendant of HP Mini 1000and Mini 110. But that doesn’t mean that it took all its design cues from those models. One of the first things that will impress you about HP Mini 210 is the fact that it has a keyboard that is virtually identical to the island-style keyboard of HP Mini 5101 or 5102.

You will also get a business-oriented version of this laptop which is called HP Mini 2102. That model has a different set of software, but generally it is the same machine. Your HP Mini 210 will come in two basic configurations. The low-end version comes with a starting price of $299 which has a slightly different keyboard, has a glossy lid and also a matte display with a bezel around the edge. It comes with Windows XP Home.

The higher end version starts at $329 has Windows 7 starter which has a matte lid, and a matte display covered with a piece of glass that will give you the illusion of an edge-to-edge display. This model will give you a chiclet-style keyboard. Both the models feature an Intel Atom N450 processor and a new touchpad design.

This new touchpad will also support multi-touch gestures such as pinching to zoom and also two-finger scrolling. It also comes with a palm rejection feature that can shut off the touchpad temporarily while you are typing. There is also a new design on the bottom of the laptops that is instead of the usual access panels held in by screws, there is a single sheet covering the bottom. In fact you can remove the entire base of the computer.

Its features are:

  • CPU: 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 or 1.83GHz Intel Atom N470
  • Chipset or Graphics: Mobile Intel NM10 chipset with integrated GMA 3150 graphics
  • Its display is 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixels
  • The Operating System that it uses are Windows XP Home, Windows 7 Starter, SUE Linux Enterprise 11 or FreeDOS
  • It has a memory of 1GB or maximum 2GB
  • It can store 160GB.
  • Connectivity: 802.11b/g/n, Ethernet, optional Bluetooth, 3G
  • I/O: 3 USB, VGA, 5-in-1 media card reader, combo mic/headphone jack
  • It has 3 cell battery, 28Whr or 6 cell, 62Whr
  • Its dimensions is 10.55? x 7? x 0.9?
  • It weights around 2.69 pounds with 3 cell battery.

The Mini 2102 will be available with Windows XP or Windows 7 Starter Editions which depends on which model you are purchasing. You will also get an “instant-on” desktop environment if you feel like getting online and checking your email or surfing on Internet in 10 seconds instead of waiting 45 seconds for Windows to boot.

HP is bundling its Cloud Drive online storage or synchronization service with HP Mini 2102. You will get 1GB of free online storage on Internet for life. It will show up as a drive in your Windows XP Explorer thus making it easy to drag and drop files to the cloud to back them up or for accessing them on other computers. These netbooks are available in black, silver, blue, and red colors.

Source by Susan Brown

Is Malwarebytes an Antivirus Program?

I see some people recommending Malwarebytes as an antivirus solution.  Malwarebytes is not meant to be your only antivirus program, in fact, malwarebytes is not considered an antivirus program at all.  This line is from an admin on the official Malwarebytes forums:

“The majority of the research that goes into MBAM (malwarebytes) is based on what the Antivirus vendors are failing on most frequently.  This allows us to keep a smaller database and prevents conflicts with antivirus software. The only thing MBAM does not do is to unpatch system files as this is the job of your dedicated antivirus software. MBAM is designed to work along side your existing antivirus software, not conflict or compete with it.”Malwarebytes is designed to work WITH your antivirus software to plug the holes it is missing.  If you think you have a virus, you should look to a good antivirus program like AVG, Avast or Avira.  All of these programs offer a free version to home users.  You can search for them on Google or go to the download page below.  Don’t get the wrong idea, I love Malwarebytes and think it is an awesome program.  My tech friends and I have been using Malwarebytes for a long time and it works great as long as you use it as it was intended. The next time you see someone asking about which antivirus program they should use and the first poster recommends they use only malwarebytes, make sure you post next and let them know the error of their ways.

If you have any virus questions, feel free to stop by my website and get a Free Virus Scan and Removal. My webpage has links to FREE antivirus programs, reviews of the antivirus programs available and lots of helpful information to help you get over any virus or malware issues.

Here is a link to the official malwarebytes forum where the quote was taken from.

Source by John McNamara

Accounting software packages-types and benefits

Business processes comprise of several accounting activities. They are transactions, related to amount payable and receivable, trial balance, pay roll, billing, general ledger, sales and purchase order, time sheet, debt collection etc. Accounting activities of a business venture can be divided under two heads. One is core accounting activities and the second is non core accounting activities. Amount payable and receivable, trial balance, billing and general ledger are the core accounting activities. Debt collection, payroll, sales and purchase order processing are non core accounting transactions. Accounting software packages offer distinct modules for each core and non-core accounting transaction.

The major benefit of accounting software packages is smarter, faster and error free accounting. Both free and paid accounting software packages are available in the market. For start-up business ventures and SMEs free packages help a lot. But, with increase in scale of operation, complexities of business processes increase. In such case free accounting software packages can not be that much helpful. You need to opt for paid versions.

There are two types of paid accounting software packages available in the market. One is off-the-shelf and other is custom accounting software. Off-the-shelf packages offer accounting solution that matches to the needs of a number of organizations. On the other hand, custom accounting software is designed keeping specific accounting requirements of a business venture in mind. It has higher customization capacity and compatibility to keep pace with the growth of your business. Compared to off-the-shelf packages, custom applications are costly. But they offer good value for money by offering exact and business specific accounting solutions.

Source by Paul

Great Plains Reseller Newsflash: Dynamics GP Support in Chicago, San Diego

Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics and eEnteprise is ERP and MRP application for mid-size and smaller businesses.  If you have this accounting package implemented in your organization, or planning to select appropriate Corporate ERP application, we would be happy to help you with current system support, customization, integration, EDI mapping, FRx, Crystal and custom reporting, eCommerce integration, as well as helping you to come through ERP selection sales cycle and final Dynamics GP license acquisition.  We understand the specifics of ERP implementation in Southern California and Chicagoland, plus Houston area where our offices are located.  If you are in USA countryside, we support you remotely via web sessions and phone conferences, it is feasible if you have GP system already implemented and need ongoing support.  Dynamics GP licensing and support highlights:

1. Business Ready licensing model.  Here you should decide either on Business Essential or Advanced licensing schema.  Advanced gives you access to more modules, included for each user and it probably fits to larger business.  Business Essential gives you less functionality and probably fits to smaller organization or to Great Plains Dynamics customers, who are using GP as basic accounting back office

2. Dynamics GP customizations and integrations.  You have good selection of Great Plains customization tools: Dynamics GP Dexterity, eConnect SDK, Modifier with VBA, Extender to name some popular ones.  To cover integration needs, please consider Great Plains Integration Manager module and also eConnect

3. Great Plains EDI.  We are confident in SQL Select statement, Integration Management or eConnect programming to create Electronic Document Interchange integration, which is in compliance with your EDI specifications

4. Dynamics GP Reporting.  Here you have selection of reports design tools: SSRS, FRx (financial reporting: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow, Consolidated Reporting), Crystal Reports, GP Report Writer.  In our opinion (besides FRx), good report should be based on sound SQL View or Stored Procedure

5. GP integration with Microsoft CRM.  Normally we do not advertise third party products, however in the case of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you should review Scribe integration products.  Other options would be extracting CRM Quote or Order via MS CRM SDK, or SQL Select statement and then moving it to Dynamics GP via eConnect programming or scheduled Integration Manager integration

Source by Andrew Karasev

Web Hosting Company And Its Specifications

To define working procedure of web hosting company, you have to understand it is simply a service that provides a good web hosting solution to small, mid-sized, and large organizations who have the online business network. Web hosting solution is really good for them, because with the help of this anyone can manage their web applications and data more securely. So as simple we can say it can manage web hosting business requirements and can tackles even the most demanding needs.

Specially designed data center services for web hosting will be the best platform for business Website. These days, web hosting services are common thing, but many people still unaware. Actually there are lot of hosting plans available in different formats which are so popular so you can easily sort out one them as per your business requirements. It also offers data recovery, scalability, flexibility, and reliability, which is continuous and uninterrupted. But make sure, you always choose a service provider who can quickly respond to your queries and helps to managing your Website applications and solve your any kinds of technical problems.

Many web hosting service providers offer fully managed hosting platforms that are developed with the ongoing global network. If you have a good business hosting solution, you will not have to worry about network problems. With this service, you can do smooth online transaction and constant monitoring services give you the detail reports of server performance. Sometimes, when downtime occurs, the service is armed and ready to restore your business applications in no time. This could come in quite handy.

One aspect of this service is to obtain best data center infrastructure. Even many web hosting providers have their own data center premises. This is by far the most effective ways. So you can always be secure of quality security with the web host company. You will get the best combined facilities and services and direct access to customer support with reliable and qualified staff. Every user can really enjoy the features, benefits and smooth online transaction with web hosting service without any interruption.

With the services of experts like this, your application needs of business are easily managed, so you can more effectively targeted in the operation of your business, various resources and quality support is available to you. Whatever your concerns, you can easily access help. They offer cost effective solutions that your company can benefit directly from. You will have an everything you would expect from a supplier of good solutions. They keep the lines of communication so that client can express their concerns.

Usually, web hosting companies offers various services and products to ensure that their all customers get best services and get fully satisfied with their company.

Source by Neelesh C

Data Integration Options for Saas Vendors

As Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption has grown exponentially over the last few years, many customers using hosted applications have started asking the SaaS application vendors to provide data integration and connectivity capabilities. For various reasons, mainly driven by business needs, customers are looking to tightly integrate their data in the SaaS app with their on-premises back-end systems and databases.

In recent months companies have encountered an increasing demand from our customers for easy, fast and flexible SaaS integration solutions. Primarily these have centered around integration requirements from customers using Salesforce and NetSuite applications but now we see other SaaS apps as well as the whole market experiences growing adoption.

We have had numerous discussions with a number of SaaS vendors who are looking at how should they approach this whole issue of integration. It definitely seems to surprise the SaaS companies as they have mainly focused on creating the best, feature-rich application they could and have not given much thought to integrating the customer data with their internal systems.

Here are the key elements of advice we offer to these SaaS vendors:

  • As with any other business issue, approach SaaS Integration as a STRATEGY and not a tactic.
  • This means have an end goal in mind in terms of where you want to be with your integration capabilities and address the immediate customer need in a way (tactic) that puts you on path for that end goal.
  • Address this need and grow your capabilities in an incremental but multi-phased approach.
  • Bring in the experts since Integration is tough, difficult and complex.

In terms of options available to SaaS vendors are :

  • Option A: SaaS vendor provides integration services
  • Option B: SaaS vendor publishes XML/Web Services interface
  • Option C: SaaS vendor refers customers to Certified Partners

Source by dinesh gupta

Cheap Sharepoint Services : An Innovation For The Effective Collaboration Within Sharepoint Hosting

With the advancement of the technology, the innovations have advanced as well and have been helping us in our day to day lives. Microsoft hosted SharePoint web site is one of the latest of these kinds of innovations. SharePoint workflow helps the workers to effectively collaborate on different tasks and projects. SharePoint 3.0 hosting includes a particular component known as ‘workflow foundation’ which is known for providing the backbone for all the applications it has. This appears in 3 distinct forms:

· Readymade SharePoint workflows which are built in the product (suitable for people those who have limited literacy in computer).

· Workflows which are open to customization by the use of SharePoint designer – it is similar to Microsoft FrontPage (suitable for those who have moderate computer literacy).

· Workflows having custom applications which are programmable using visual studio and the .NET framework. (Suitable only for advanced computer users).

The best part as evident is that it caters to all the levels of computer literacy, for instance, beginners, intermediate users and advanced users. This feature allows the organizations to customize the work flows according to the needs and competency of the workers and meet the ever changing needs of the work environment.

People who want to implement SharePoint WSS 3.0 hosting, they have two options open. They need to have a dedicated server, which can be housed within the organization or, outsourced to a SharePoint Server hosting provider. The basic essence of the SharePoint work flow is to increase the collaboration among the users. This is because of the fact that not all workers will have same competency level and they will need some way or the other to increase the efficiency of the workers with increased collaboration. For organizations, it is time to revamp the work space and enjoy more organized work than ever before.

Source by Adrian Gates

Choosing DVD Copy Software (copy DVD Movie Software)

New DVD copy software has made the copying of your DVD movies very easy – to copy DVD movies you no longer need a DVD player! With the mix of simple software programs available on the market, the speed and ease of copying DVD movies has greatly increased. Now, it is possible for practically anyone to make a back-up copy of their DVD movie collections, giving a longer life to the original DVDs.

Find the best DVD Copy Software

Google Search: DVD Copy Software

Firstly, it is a good idea to find the best DVD copy software available. This way the you can guarantee against the deterioration of the DVD copy that comes with repeated use, some DVD copy software programs do not cater for this. The ideal DVD copy software should not be exclusive to experts. In fact, the ideal DVD copy software should cater more more for the beginner. The software setup should be hassle free and the DVD copy software installation should be uncomplicated and easy.

When you think about it, the very purpose of DVD copy software is to produce duplicates of you DVD movies (and copy other DVDs). The best programs often carry out that task without a reduction in quality of the original DVD. In other words, the DVD copies retain the quality of sound and video of the original DVD. It is important that the DVD copy software works with other programs that are already on the computer.

When purchasing DVD copy software, look for a program that offers a broad range of features.

The best DVD copy software should allow you to create VCDs easily

(VCD stands for “Video Compact Disc”. It’s simply a way of writing a CD to be readable in VCD players or DVD players. In terms of quality, VCD is somewhere between VHS and DVD; most casual observers will see immediately that VCD is superior to VHS, a bit less than DVD. The benefits of VCD over VHS are varied, such as the cost: VCDs can be cheaply and easily duplicated. They also possess a longer shelf life, and are also easier to store than VHS cassettes, which, in comparison, are rather bulky)

If your DVD copy software allows you to copy DVDs without requiring a DVD player then that is even better.. (you can use just your CD writer to copy DVDs)

Source by Ben Dunckley

How To Repair An Invalid And Unreadable Dynamic Disk

Invalid Dynamic Disk: Before installing Window 7, I installed the original Windows XP professional on the machine, I found myself to be very smart doing this. Unfortunatly now that Window 7 is installed on this machine the disk is not accessible. Disk Manager says “Dynamic Disk Status Invalid”. Now I know mainly because I was using a WINDOWS 7 HOME EDITION, this does not support dynamic disc, so an Invalid Dyanmic Disk was shown in disk management. In fact, all the Home edition of Windows do not support dynamic disks such as XP Home, Vista Home, Win7 Home Basic and Premium Edition. The screen shot is shown below:

Unreadable Dynamic Disk: The drive is not accessible. The drive may have experienced hardware failure, corruption, or I/O errors. The disk’s copy of the system’s disc configuration database may be corrupted. An error icon appears on the Unreadable disk. Both dynamic and basic disks display the Unreadable status. Disks may display the Unreadable status while they are spinning up or when Array Manager is rescanning all of the disks on the system. In some cases, an Unreadable dynamic dischas failed and is not recoverable. For dynamic disks, the Unreadable status usually results from corruption or I/O errors on part of the harddisk, rather than failure of the entire harddisk as follows.

Repair Invalid and Unreadable Dyanmic Disk: 
There are two ways to solve this problems, first is to directly clear data and revert it to a basic disk, the second is to become it to a valid basic disk by using Dynamic Disk Converter, which can convert an invalid, unreadable dynamic to basic disk to fix it without losing data, even if the dynamic drive can not be accessed in Windows 7/Vista Home Basic Edition, and it’s secure and easy!
The step is as follows:
1. Run the converter, and select a Invalid or Unreadable Dynamic Disc that you want to repair.
2. Confirm that the selected disk which you wish to repair.
3. Executing…Report of the repair is complete.
4. After completing, you need restart the computer to take effect, and then the disk becomes valid and readable!

Dynamic Disk Converter Download:

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