Remove and Disable Windows Media Player DRM License Acquisition and Music Copy Protection

Remove and Disable Windows Media Player DRM License Acquisition and Music Copy Protection

FairUse4WM DRM stripper is a hacker utility that has the ability to crack and strip DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy protection from music and songs files offered by PlaysForSure-commpatible online music stores, music download sites, music subscription sites and record labels that are using Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Player 11 encoding protected by Windows Media DRM (WMDRM) version 10 and WMDRM 11. Current, online music stores that using PlaysForSure DRM license protection include NapsterToGo, MSNMusic, Amazon Unbox, Urge, Wal-Mart, Liquid Audio and AOLMusicNow.

When you download and play the Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Windows Media Video (WMV) protected with WMDRM, you’re told a license is required to play the selected content and Windows Media Player will launch WMP Digital Rights Management License Acquisition process to acquire valid license for the media from the DRM store servers. If no license can be found, you won’t be able to listen to the music song or the video.

FairUse4WM (Fair Use for Windows Media) uses a GUI version of drmdbg that supports individualization blackbox component (IBX) version .3930 and some WM11 versions and able to strips DRM headers from secure WMA files. FairUse4WM intends to enable fair-use rights to purchased media so that owners can freely copy to any devices or media. So import of KID/SID pairs is not allowed and, license expiration and rental detection is not supported. You won’t be able to unDRM any without them being licensed to you or without at least a file with active valid license.

FairUse4WM version 1.2 (new version that works around the new IBX version being pushed by Microsoft on new individualizationsfeatures) features DRMv1 support for files you ripped yourself with protection enabled, works with WM9 (individualized), includes a workaround for WM11 beta 2, subdirectory support by taking a directory as the command-line parameter, and WM10 and WM11 support.

To use FairUse4WM, download FairUse4WM. Just launch the FairUse4WM hack program to extract personally identifiable information (decryption keys) from the Media Player while playing the DRM protected media. Some WM installations have multiple ECC key-pairs where users need to do “Extract Keys” using multiple licensed files. Users may also need to individualize the system. With individualization the licenses information is stored in IndivBox.key. To individualize the system, download any demo drm video from Or go here to automatically individualization your system.

Update: FairUse4WM 1.3 Fix-2 with Mirakagi which supports Windows Media Player DRM up to version 11.0.6000.6324 in Windows XP and Vista has been released.

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