Parascale Cloud Storage Software

Parascale Cloud Storage Software

Cloud Storage is certainly increasing wildly in popularity for mid to large sized businesses.  Offering a storage service delivered over a large network, be it the Internet or an internal network, the capacity and performance of the solution combined with the ease of managing it certainly gives it a broad appeal.  Owners will find that there are options for both rented public storage as well as private storage that keeps data behind firewalls while offering the benefits that cloud technology offers.  These storage clouds can range from as few as three nodes up to hundreds of nodes and still provide easy scaling and management.

One benefit of cloud storage is that it provides a sort of pay for use service.  Hardware, software, and services are typically billed only according to what is used or on a subscription basis.  The shared cost and infrastructure of this storage method is generally very highly regarded, as it lowers management costs significantly, and the ability to terminate contract at any time virtually eliminates the risk of significant financial losses.

The biggest drawback to ParaScale Cloud Storage software as well as cloud computing in general is security of personal and high level data.  While this is certainly true for public clouds, private and hybrid clouds offer an alternative that allows companies to reap the benefits of cloud computing while still providing a high level of security and protection for networks and data.

ParaScale cloud storage offers remarkable capabilities in today’s IT industry, allowing those who purchase the software and install it on even a standard server to create multiple nodes and act as a storage provider.  These clouds can include many popular applications and sites, but provide the capability to offer them in a manner that is cost effective and utilizes only standard hardware.

At its core, ParaScale is working to target large enterprises that can turn a large number of servers into a single cloud.  The service works to pool multiple file servers, creating a faster, more integrated form of computing that saves costs on every end.  By creating a system of automated storage provisioning, space is always available for seamless addition of new servers and storage nodes.  The software itself is remarkably affordable, offering yet another benefit to those seeking to step into the cloud storage market.  For people who were turned off by the bursting of the last major Internet bubble, cloud storage offers many more options as well as numerous abilities to keep up with the needs of today’s companies.

Source by Leon Belenky