Windows 7 Crash – How To Fix Windows 7 Crashes

Windows 7 Crash – How To Fix Windows 7 Crashes

Windows 7 crashes are a major problem Microsoft users have been clamoring about lately. The system crashes randomly – right after login, in the middle of playing a game, while working on a file, and during web surfing, among others. Some users call this glitch the “black screen of death” where the screen of their computer will turn to black and eventually crash. The Windows 7 crash can be very frustrating, but there are ways to fix the problem.

  1. Upgrade your memory or RAM. All software installed in your computer requires a certain amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) in order to run properly. Besides these applications, your operating system requires resources to run. To let these applications run smoothly without the crashing, free up some space or upgrade your memory.
  2. Remove Spyware and Viruses. Make sure to always perform a scan to check for spyware and virus infections. There may be hidden and dormant malware in your computer. Delete these malicious files from your system. Always keep your computer updated with the latest virus definitions and security updates.
  3. Fix Windows 7 Registry. The registry is a database which stores records of all your computer’s activities. It contains settings and options that Windows continually references during operation. Over time, more and more data are added into the registry making it congested with redundant entries. These entries are no longer valid thus causing crashes especially in newer operating systems like Windows 7.

A cleaned registry can help fix the crashing problems. This is, however, impossible to do manually because most people can’t pinpoint which registry entries are valid or not. You need to have a registry cleaner installed. This software will deep scan your registry and clean those obsolete and invalid entries. It will also create a backup before cleaning so you can always restore your registry to its original state if you need to.

By following the tips mentioned above especially the last one, you can improve your computer’s speed, optimize its performance, and completely eliminate Windows 7 crash.

Source by Jim Marshall