Why Use Managed Services

Why Use Managed Services

Managed IT Services are becoming an attractive proposition for companies looking to cut costs while increasing productivity.

By outsourcing IT services companies can be reassured that there IT Infrastructure is being monitored 24/7.

Remote Support

The remote desktop solution is a great way for an IT company who only wishes software updates, maintenance at a scheduled time or in case of software failure, a quick response time. Repair technicians can literally log on remotely to any clients machine and run patches, diagnose problems and upgrade software when needed. This has the added bonus of saving of a quick express turnaround, and the client can be safely reassured and get on with business.

Remote Desktop

Remote desktop or Terminal Services is a great solution for those with many offices or who wish to hold data on a central location. The user desktops are hosted across the Internet, and therefore software deploys or upgrades can easily be distributed regardless of the location of the employees.

Hosted Exchange

A great IT service which until a couple of years ago was only available to enterprise size business. Now this is available to most business. Email is hosted on a dedicated server at the managed IT provider premises, and this avoids costs of installing a maintaining complex hardware and software solutions.

When looking for a provider for the above IT services here are things to bear in mind.

Over-selling/Flooding servers – This is where the provider, over sells the servers capacity. This can cause slow response times or over saturation of the network.

24/7 monitoring – Your server information should be monitored 24/7

Data Centers – Find out where the information (data) will be held and what contingency plans there are in case of failure.

In summary, managed IT services can provide a great solution for companies who are looking to concentrate on doing business and leave the technical stuff for the technicians. With a range of services, from email and web hosting, remote desktop services, and remote support, a company can save money while increasing productivity by keeping there IT Infrastructure constantly monitored. Staffing levels can also be managed as there is no longer a need to have one or two inhouse individuals who are responsible for the IT support. Also with a managed service budgeting support is made easier as this can be scaled back or improved as the business grows or in case of downturn.

Source by Neil Maycock