Why Technical Support Service providers are needed

Why Technical Support Service providers are needed

With the increase in the use of the computer’s there has been a tremendous increase in the development of the information technology, today the whole world has became a global village. This increase in the computer’s and others technologies, has caused the need for a new sort of the industry domain called as the computer technical support service which aims at providing services for the IT products.

There are several ways by which technical support services are provided to customers, normally the manufacturer company provides the support for their product, but this support is limited for only one year. Companies providing such type of support are hardware companies (manufacturer of the. computer part, printer, routers  ) and also support for the software such as the  operating systems, and others  application software’s.

But there has been difference in approach for providing support for these products. The hardware companies provides the support via one preventive inspection per year, this includes support throughout the contract period via the phone to the customers But this support is limited till the time its in the warranty period. Where as when it comes to software these companies provide online technical support , computer optimization.

Now, the question of interest is how these technical supports service providers charge. If some one has bought Windows Operating System from Microsoft, for the support Microsoft will charge on the per instance basis, but the main thing is that they will not support if the issue is related or concerned with any third party software, or due to any hardware. This is where these technical support companies come into business.

All such things lead to the development of the companies which are providing support for the all brands at one place. One good thing about these companies is that you will get a solution for the issue, if that issue was caused due to the any third party software because normally these companies are providing support for all the major brand players’ weather it be Microsoft, Dell, Hp Compaq or any other.

These companies have several support plans according to user needs and financial feasibilities for technical troubleshoot. Some of them are Try and Use this plan lets the customer check the standard of services provided by the company. Per Instance Support Plan is for some one who is looking for one time support. One Year Support Plan and Two Year Support Plan This plan comes bundled with offering unlimited access to technical support for annual period. In addition to offering a wide spectrum of computer repair solutions, annual plans are designed to help tech savvy consumers save money on their computers and network.

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