Why is Ruby on Rails so Popular?

Why is Ruby on Rails so Popular?

The world of web programming is full of strange terms, odd names and unusual words to scare off the uninitiated. Ruby on Rails is no exception. There is no clue in the name to even suggest what Ruby on Rails could be. Is it a children’s toy? A steam train? Is Ruby a person?

In fact Ruby on Rails is several things under one umbrella. Essentially Ruby is a programming language like HTML or CSS. Rails is a framework that can be used to build websites. Combined, Ruby on Rails or RoR is one of the most popular programming tools in use today for quickly building web applications and complex websites. Added to this RoR is open source meaning it is free for anyone to use. A dynamic RoR web community of like-minded people has quickly grown who collaborate and support each other and are an invaluable resource for those needing advice.

So why is Ruby on Rails so popular and why is Ruby on Rails web development important to the average business?  For a start, RoR is incredibly flexible. A web design brief can start as one thing and end as another, simply because a business’s needs can rapidly change or emphasis on one product can move to another mid-write. Average web programming languages are unwieldy and time consuming to rewrite. Unnoticed bugs can occur during the rewrite that only become apparent once the site is live. Using RoR makes changes and tweaks to a developing site very quick and simple to achieve, plus the in-built and rigorous testing regime of Rails means that any change in the programming will be tested to ensure that it does not create bugs elsewhere.

Ruby on Rails makes designing complex websites and database applications easy and fast.  The extensive library of open source off the shelf ‘gems’ or software libraries, cuts out much of the programming needed with more conventional scripting languages such as PHP. RoR also removes the need for repetitive programming tasks. Menus that are required on every page can easily be turned into a model that can be added as needed. RoR is also the fastest and most efficient way to build web applications around today. Ruby on Rails application development makes creating a unique app to promote a business straightforward and cost effective. The faster the developer can make the app, the less he or she has to charge for the development process.

Ruby on Rails started life as the maverick developers answer to everything. It is now so mainstream that large complex sites such as Twitter, Scribd, FanPop and Geni have been built with it. RoR’s robustness and reliability have been proven with such sites and it is set to become long-lived and even more popular with the never-ending rise of the web application.

Finding an experienced and competent Ruby on Rails developer can be a challenge. At My Web Designer Ruby is a language that we all understand and enjoy and Rails is the best framework we have used to date. We offer Ruby on Rails web development in Derby as well as the rest of the United Kingdom. Our designers and developers are enthusiastic and innovative and we are knowledgeable in all of the scripting languages and web platforms currently available.

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