Which Is The Best Operating System For Web Hosting

Which Is The Best Operating System For Web Hosting

This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to be answered with a plain simple answer. Before we decide on the most compatible operating system for web hosting we need to delve a little further to know what an operating system is and why is it being given so much importance.

What is an Operating System?

The applications that you can use on your computer, the internet chatting and browsing dealings are all possible due to the help of the operating system. Operating systems are the backbone of computers that help you in completing your task with ease.

Most of the computers use the Windows operating system such as ME, XP, NT and several others. These programs are operating systems. This operating system is also vital for the functioning of the host server. Now let us determine the types of operating systems and their viability

Windows Operating System

Windows is a product of Microsoft designed for the running of the web server. The beauty of Windows is that it has a unique integration of various Microsoft products It also facilitates your website to run Active Server Pages and also allows you to integrate SQL databases.

The only disadvantage with the Windows operating system is that it is very expensive. Also if you do not have enough experience maintaining Windows from a remote location the procedure can be a very tedious and time-consuming one.

Linux Operating System

Linux is a second version created by some individuals who were the pioneers for designing Linux operating systems main portion. The introduction of some of the parts led to customization of the operating system meant for special uses.

One of the advantages of Linux operating system is PHP and the biggest advantage is that Linux is freely available. This is also a very stable and secure system. There are many companies that are involved in Linux marketing such as Red Hat and Debian.

Unix Operating System

This is the third version of the operating system which is somewhat similar to Linux. Unix has 2 operating systems. One is OpenBSD and the other is FreeBSD. The advantageous point to be noted is that once you install the Unix operating system they are very robust and will give you no trouble.

But the trouble lies in the installing part. These systems are very difficult to install. OpenBSD is the preferred one among the operating systems. Both these systems are freely available.

Which to choose?

We come back to the basic question of which one is ideal. Depending on your requirement you should choose your operating system. For example, if security is your priority then you should opt for OpenBSD.

If you are looking for compatible various Windows products then you should opt for Windows. If your main concern is PHP compatibility then you should choose Linux. You need to choose the best operating system that would help you achieve your goal.

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