What’s Hot and New in Drake Software

What’s Hot and New in Drake Software

Drake software is a complete tax practice suite which has a very loyal following of its customers. Drake has a aura of loyalty around it, so much so that people those who once become accustomed to it never think about leaving unless forced to by their circumstances.

It is continuously winning all reader’s choice awards and is the best at the cost at which it is available. The DMS which comes free with the software since 2005 is an added bonus and is a complete product in itself.

New features of Drake software for 2010 are:

  • Drake has come up with a new improved PDF generation of Tax returns. This means converting your files to PDF will be all the more faster.
  • Improved security features for the preparers.
  • Now you can password protect and encrypt PDF copies of tax returns when e-mailing to clients.
  • Drake software has come up with a web portal for multi-site management called Enterprise Office Manager.
  • Drake has also come up with Remote payroll entry portals for Client Write-Up; these basically are Web-based portals that permit the employer to enter payroll info online which then the accountant can directly download in the write-up report generation for processing and.
  • Data entry is stream lined on entity returns (1120, 1120S, 1065, 990).
  • Integration of extensive new tax law in 2009 calculations.
  • Addition of Backup capabilities to the Drake Document Manager.
  • Client Write-Up package will now give the feel of Drake software program as its looks and function have been adapted to the traditional Drake set-up.
  • Option of automatic up-dates with streamlined update system.
  • All new E1 Prepaid Visa Card.
  • Accounts can be received by Client Write-Up.

Hosting Drake software:

Hosting Drake software has a lot of advantages for no other reason than it allows you a lot of flexibility, like if you need a service for this month and not the next, then the service can be hired for this month only.

Your tax application can be accessed from anywhere at any time, which not only cuts your transportation costs but cuts down the time too. The speed at which your application is run on on-premise installation cannot match the speed of the terminal servers as their specification far outweigh yours and that is the magic of the cloud. And then there are no IT costs, even all the technical glitches are the head-ache of the hosting company.

I won’t get into the hosting debate here but will still address it briefly. Me I am neither for or against it, it’s a new technology and like all new technologies it has its glitches. But the benefits for an average practitioner far outweigh the losses simply because an average practitioner has no major fear other than the security concern which has always been there since the birth of the internet. As the data is used to be confidential so no one can afford to lose it or get it exposed to the hackers or virus. People want proper authentication for data access so that no unauthorized person can see or change that data.

The thing to notice is that it is very much in the interest of the hosting companies to keep your data safe otherwise they will be out of business and I think everybody understands this logic. Most of the companies are using highly encrypted firewalls and antivirus as well as they are using highly updated data security software to combat with any unwanted infiltration.

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