What You Need To Know About Shared Web Hosting

What You Need To Know About Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the plan options you have when you are looking for web hosting services. It is basically an environment where one server and its resources are shared between a number of websites or users. It is one of the most popular plans majorly because it is affordable considering that server operating costs are split between the users, but before you go right ahead to choose it as your ideal plan, there are important things you must know about the hosting.

Customization – When on shared hosting, you can customize your website to match your preferences using a user friendly control panel. As a user you can manage image and file uploads and check statistics even though you share the server. It is a much better option as far as customization goes compared to free hosting.

Cost effectiveness – The hosting rates are extremely affordable and this is the major advantage you will have when you choose shared hosting for your website. If your site is yet to grow in terms of traffic, then this type of hosting would make the best choice. If the space allocated to you is not sufficient any more, you can acquire some more at a fee to match your growing needs but you might need to go for dedicated hosting if your space demands are not achievable.

Convenience – The shared hosting services are managed by skilled and professional experts taking worries off your shoulders so you are able to concentrate on other important areas of your business. Convenience and efficiency also come in the sense that shared hosting gives your business time to grow without pressing you financially for the hosting. You are able to run your website affordably and upgrade and add more resources based on growth.

Performance – The performance of shared hosting might not be that bad, especially when you choose a reliable web host provider, but it is one of the drawbacks of this plan. A sudden increase of traffic to another website sharing the server can dramatically affect your web performance and the impact is not always positive. The plans also face downtimes because of the number of users sharing the same server and machine failures are common with the shared plan. Slow performance is one of the biggest setbacks you can experience when you go for shared hosting, but you can improve on it by ensuring that you choose a provider offering better and reliable hosting services.

Security – It is among the most important areas on websites and for business, especially considering how serious cybercrime can get. You want to have a website that is well-secured, but unfortunately this might not always be the case with shared hosting. If one webmaster sharing the server chooses to misuse sensitive elements or HT access, then you are not very safe because intruders can have access to important data. Apart from web hacks, your site could end up being blacklisted when malpractices on a server are recognized. But then again this is an issue you can improve on by choosing a good web host.

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