What is Microsoft Office Integration?

What is Microsoft Office Integration?

When it comes to traditional desktop publishing, there is no doubt that Microsoft Office suite continues to dominate the market with its package of four powerful programs, including a word processor, spreadsheet software, presentation building tools and a full scale database platform. Although many small businesses and personal users are making the switch to cloud based office applications such as Google Docs, most medium to large scale businesses have been using Microsoft Office for so long that making the transition to web based computing for their desktop publishing needs seems like a monumental task. However, as more and more of today’s computing moves onto cloud based software platforms, it is growing increasingly cumbersome for businesses to rely on all of their Microsoft Office date being stored and shared through more traditional networks.

Thankfully, there is an elegant solution for any business owner who is interested in utilizing web based applications and wants to continue leveraging the tools that Microsoft Office has to offer. Microsoft Office integration involves the use of some simple solutions that are designed to integrate your entire desktop publishing architecture onto a custom made, cloud based platform that will give you and your staff the ability to access your projects anytime, anywhere. While it used to only be possible to integrate you Microsoft Office data with web based applications through the use of expensive and time consuming third party vendors, a handful of software developers have developed some new strategies that can be easily tinkered with to meet you needs with custom software that requires much less of an investment in time or capital.

Once your business network has made the most of Office integration, you will immediately see a dramatic increase in productivity. No longer will your staff need to be chained to their desk waiting for an email attachment to arrive before they can get going on a project. By leveraging the power of both Microsoft Office and web based applications through these integration solutions, you and your team can collaborate on projects in a real time environment from anywhere in the world. As soon as someone saves a new version of a Microsoft Word document or PowerPoint presentation, other team members can immediately access the document from the internet and review the updates or make suggestions or revisions of their own. Rather than endlessly sending attachments back and forth or needing to speak with one another one on one for every little change to a document, Microsoft Office integration lets today’s business workers focus on delivering results as efficiently as possible.

To create a customised tool, such as reporting tool or backup tool, to be used within Microsoft Office you will most likely need to hire a bespoke software developer, preferably one that specialised in office integration specifically. The software developer will be able to create the add-on you require which will probably require testing and fine tuning. Get the most out of office, integrate it with your business.

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