What are the Advantages of SaaS ERP

What are the Advantages of SaaS ERP

Many companies are in search of ERP software to help them manage their business efficiently. They can go for traditional solutions and decide on certain software, have it installed and implemented, or decide for a more innovative solution and use ERP SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that the software is hosted somewhere else, it is available on subscription basis and can be accessed from an Internet browser.

The main advantages of ERP SaaS come from the fact that it doesn’t require installation and it can be used without having it implemented by IT professionals. All that the user needs to do is to have internet connection and to login into his or hers account. The software is user friendly and easy to work with. It is indeed less flexible that traditional software, which you install on your computer and afterwards customize the way you desire. However, this lack of flexibility might turn out beneficial if it is necessary to change the software you were using. It will diminish the technical difficulties that might accompany such a changing.

Probably the most important advantages of ERP SaaS are cost-related. It is a lot cheaper than traditional ERP software because you don’t need to buy and implement it. There are a few ERP solutions available on the market that might seem cheaper that this one, but if you also consider the maintenance, they don’t seem so cheap anymore. Maintenance is a problem you won’t have anymore, if you decide to use ERP SaaS. However, upgrades are available when you feel that your company’s needs require more features. Support is also available.

The advantages of ERP SaaS are particularly important for a company that plans to expand its field of activity or for a company that is now in growth. It doesn’t require specific IT resources and infrastructure and as the company grows, the SaaS solution can also be expanded in order to meet the new requirements. This makes it ideal for start up companies also, because they allow them to benefit of the advantages of ERP software without the hassle of hosting and maintaining it. If at one point or another, this solution becomes unsatisfactory, since no investment was made in purchasing the software and implementing it, the management can easily switch to other software, more convenient. It is nothing complicated to end up using ERP SaaS, as its usage is subscription based.

The advantages of ERP SaaS can be more significant for one company that for another one, depending on the company’s size and field of activity. However, they can’t be denied and they need to be considered when looking for business solutions.

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