Web-Based Systems Vs. Server Based Systems

Web-Based Systems Vs. Server Based Systems

Web based Solutions offer many advantages to corporations in terms of increased productivity, round-the-clock access, and reduced installation and maintenance costs. For example, a web based business management software enables users, managers & clients, access to critical business data around the clock with No software licensing, hardware or IT staff. Here are some of the advantages web-based server systems offers over in-house server-based installations: * Lower Total Cost of Ownership * No Installation Time * Low Maintenance Overhead * Transparent Data Backup (No In-House Resource Necessary) * Fast, Easy Access 24/7 * Increased Productivity for Sales Staff * No Need to Hire Specialized Systems Administrators * No Client Software to Install * Improved Communication Flow To/From Remote Sites * No Data Synchronization Issues

No Set up Time : When you purchase a traditional off-the-shelf software solution you then have to host the software application on a server. This often includes installing and setting up a rational database to integrate with your application. That database may be the product of a different vendor. Depending on how your organization is structured, you may have to hire a professional IT specialist or systems administrator to set up the software system.

Transparent Data Backup : Losing data is bad business for your business. With an in-house server arrangement you have to think about backing up the data. Nightly incremental backups, with weekly full backups are common and costly practices in most businesses. With a web-based system, Global Web Solutions takes that burden off your back. We ensure that systems data is properly replicated and backed up so you don’t have to.

Low Maintenance Overhead : Purchasing, installing and maintaining in-house systems is costly. Performing systems maintenance is labor intensive and requires specialized skill. Restoring a system in the event of a failure can be hit or miss. Corporate Leaders need to ask themselves just exactly what a serious system failure could do their business.

With an externally hosted web solution you are relieved of the worry of systems administration. Data integrity is guaranteed with because server hosting and backing up data is done for you and you don’t have to spend money on systems administration.

Always Online, Always Ready ; A completely web-based solution offers another advantage that is not available on a server-based system. Your sales staff, remote employees, and overseas partners have access to your system 24/7. When they make progress on a case in another time zone, information can be entered and updated while you sleep. When you are ready for work, information you need to know is waiting for you in the system. There is never a need to synchronize data because the system was offline or because the client was disconnected from the server.

Keeps Sales Staff Productive : Web-based systems require no client software. There is nothing to install on your laptop or workstation. This means that authorized users can access the system even when they are away from their desks and they do not have their laptops with them. Sales staff and case managers can log in from an internet café, hotel computer, or internet-enabled cell phone to view the latest report, check on next steps and look up contact information.

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