Use photos to make a video slideshow with imovie

Want to transform your interesting photos into entertaining photo show? Would like to create an elegant picture slideshow of a recent wedding party? Or capture the excitement of the birthday party to share on your blog? Or create a commercial presentation with photos on your homepage to promote your business? However, you don’t know which software can help you to make a customize picture slideshow. If you are a mac user, I recommend you to use imovie which is free and powerful. Although designed primarily to capture and edit digital video, imovie also has the ability to import still images and employ professional-looking transitions like wipes and dissolves, add audio and text narration, and lay down a soundtrack that works in conjunction with the photos. By making full use of this feature, we can build a video with static photos. The following is a step-by-step introduction to creating a professional slide show using iMovie. Step1. Collect Photos and launch iMovie Select photos you would like to add to your slideshow and click “iMovie” icon to open iMovie. Step2. Create a new project Right click on the Project Library, choose “New Project” in the menu. And input Project Name and select your favorite slideshow Theme. Hit “Create”. Step3. Import photos Drag all collected photos into your iMovie window. Place them in the order you want them to appear. Step4. Add effects to your photos You can add music, text and transition to photo slideshow. Step5. Export iMovie slideshow Right click and choose “Export movie”, select some parameters according to your requirement. Finally, you will find the exported movie is in M4V formats. From:

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