Traditional vs. Electronic Prescriptions – A Comparison

Traditional vs. Electronic Prescriptions – A Comparison

E-prescriptions are computer-generated prescriptions prescribed by your physicians or doctor’s point of and sent directly to your pharmacy.  In traditional environment, doctor wrote your prescription on a piece of paper which you later take along with you to your nearest pharmacy or dispenser. In e-prescription the doctor or other healthcare provider enters the information or the prescription directly in to his or her computer instead of writing it on a paper and then it is atomically forwarded from doctor‘s end to the pharmacy or dispenser.The pharmacy and the health provider share a private network between them; the information is not send open over the internet like an email. Networks that are used to send e-prescription electronically are private, secure and closed.

E-prescriptions are fast; your prescription arrives at your pharmacy before you leave your doctor’s office. But this does not mean that it will be immediately ready when you arrive at the pharmacy. The time needed to prepare your prescription can be affected by things like the number of prescriptions in the pharmacy’s computer, how quickly you arrive at the pharmacy after your doctor’s visit, and how many people are already waiting at the pharmacy. However It is more Convenient you don’t have to make that extra trip to drop off your prescription at the pharmacy and plus doctor will forward your prescription to the place where u can get it easily n those who already got stock of the prescribed medicines.

E-prescribing can help reduce the risk of medication errors associated with poor handwriting, illegible faxes and additional key strokes. Many prescription errors take place on a daily basis with the help of online prescription method, this risk has been minimized. In prescription no handwriting is involved for the pharmacist to interpret.
It is more Economical which make it easier for your doctor or health provider to prescribe the most cost effective medication based on your insurance coverage and your healthcare provider send your prescription to any dispenser or pharmacy that you choose. Currently in USA more than 75% of pharmacy is accepting e-prescription, and that rate is increasing every day.  If the pharmacies where you usually go don’t accept e- prescription, your doctor can provide u a print of the prescription.

E-prescriptions meet the requirements of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your health information contained the record of your prescription, whether they are electronic or hand written. All that information is protected by federal law and state laws.

In short E-prescribing means the transmission uses electronic media, of prescription or prescription-related information between a prescriber, dispenser, pharmacy benefit manager, or health plan, either directly or through an intermediary, including an electronic prescription network. E-prescribing includes, but is not limited to, two-way transmissions between the point of care and the dispenser.

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