The efficient way to manage your data

The efficient way to manage your data

With the advent of cloud computing, business is able to efficiently install software systems without any capital outlay to implement. Cloud-based systems can achieve businesses considerable savings from the outset.

Because the cloud software will use the very latest cloud-based technology and be delivered as “software as a service”, the delivery method is very different to the traditional “on-premise” model of hosting. Using the cloud doesn’t require expensive on-premise hardware. So rather than traditional arrangements where you would purchase hardware and software, cloud-based software would be leased which saves on capital outlay.

Subscription-based pricing

Because you purchase cloud-based software on a licence, the price model in place would invariably be subscription-based pricing. So you would only pay for the amount of software as a service you require. Or simply, you’d only pay for the amount of server space you would require in the cloud.

What is the cloud?

Being “in the cloud” or using cloud-based technology means that the software and your data would be hosted in a highly resilient and secure data centre, managed by your software supplier.

 Because it is hosted by your software supplier you would get continual upgrades to systems and should receive best-of-breed security measures. Hosting will often be in a Tier 3 data centre, a bullet proof environment for your data where it could not be compromised in any way.

So as a business you would only be leasing the software on subscription, and the kind of deal that can often be arranged also means that savings can be made on day-to-day running of the software, as well as efficiencies found because of free updates and upgrades.

What about security?

Some businesses may want reassurances about a solution that is based in the cloud. But the software and associated data would be hosted centrally and securely in a data centre designed to prevent unauthorised access and to keep your data save.

Your date would be made accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, as long as the person is authorised to access and has the correct login and password.

Because you would often what is know as a “private cloud”, the arrangement would be that your business has its own server, with arrangements made for back-up servers in the unlikely event of an accident or disaster, which would only be accessible to you and your authorised people.

All in all the cloud offers news ways to store and manage data efficiently without capital outlay and in a save and secure environment, where only the amount of server space you need can be purchased on subscription. Now, that’s truly scalable and an efficient way for your systems to grow as you grow as a business.

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