The Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

The Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

If you want to have your own personal blog or simply create a website where you can update your friends on the latest updates on your family, then you might need to look for a website hosting service. There are many website hosting companies that offer many plans but you have to look for the package that will just be enough for your website requirements and of course budget.

One of the website hosting plans that you might encounter is virtual or shared hosting. This is a very popular choice since it is very cheap. Some actually can be as low as $2 a month. But do not expect too many advantages for getting this type of package. As its price suggests this is a very limited package that you are availing.

Virtual hosting is essentially an account created on any web server that hosts several sites. Since your website is sharing a server with other websites do not expect the best quality. You will experience problems from time to time especially when the server suffers hardware problems.

Another downside of using virtual hosting services is that your website can get deactivated or go offline if it takes too much system resources. Since your website is sharing a server with other websites it is subject to regulation particularly in the system resources it taps. For instance your website will go offline if your scripts will affect other websites’ performance. These are the disadvantages of opting for a virtual hosting package.

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