The Advantages of AVI Format

The Advantages of AVI Format

What is AVI?

AVI is an abbreviation for Audio Video Interleave. AVI file is a container of audio and video data that allows synchronous audiovisual playback. It is the oldest video format. There are a lot of AVI codec is created by both vendors and individuals. So now there are hundreds of AVI files that look similar but are completely different inside.

What are AVI advantages?

1.      Excellent fidelity of the audio.

2.      High compatibility with VirtualDub and Windows Media Player.

3.      Advanced DV-AVI standard is compressed to conform with DV standard.

4.      Choice of codecs allows experience with different results.

5.      Plays in mainstream media players such as Windows Media Player.

6.      Can be used as a starting point to create playable DVDs.

7.      Does not require any special hardware or software.

8.      Widely used in business such as advertisement and promo videos.

AVI drawbacks

1.      The codec used to create your movie is required in order to view it.

2.      Often produces larger file sizes than other file formats.

3.      Some codecs take a long time to create your AVI movie.

4.      Some codecs produce reduced visual quality.

Where AVI can be applied?

AVI files is supported by different platforms: Windows (Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, VLC Media Player, Winamp), Mac OS or Linux (VLC Media Player, Xine Multimedia Player).

Well, AVI has both advantages and disadvantages, choose it or not all depends on your purpose. And if you have videos in video formats other than AVI format and still want to convert them to AVI, then you need an AVI converter software to do the whole job for you. Here I recommend a qualified one for you: Leawo AVI Converter. It is a totally clean and handy AVI converter which can convert all the available videos to AVI with multiple practical features.

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