The 7 Biggest Managed Services Trends Of 2016

The 7 Biggest Managed Services Trends Of 2016

Managed services are trending in 2016. On one hand more than 60 of both large as well as small organizations have combined integrated one or the other type of managed services in their IT strategy. On the other hand 30% of service providers have seen increase in services of mobile device management, payment processing, managed communications, Hardware-as-a-service, Software-as-a-service, Office365, disaster management, remote monitoring and managed network security. This increase in services has increased their profits by 25-100%.

Many of the organizations have already adopted managed services solutions and there is a lot more expected from managed services in the future. The trends for managed services in 2016 are:

  1. Organizations will require services to monitor remote employees: With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trending, many of the organizations are implementing BYOD policies, hence allowing their employees to work from anywhere. As this trend is expected to grow this year, how will the organizations manage the risk which is involved with BYOD? The solution is with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as those MPSs who help customers develop BYOD policies can also provide protection against various cyber threats.
  2. EMM tools will become essential for many organizations: In 2016, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools are expected to become very important for many of the organizations. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) which are responsible for helping customer identify and understand their EMM needs will also make sure that these customers get the support which they require.
  3. The Internet of Things Will Continue to Grow: Internet ofThings is one of the fastest growing technologies and in 2016 it is expected to reach new heights. It is predicted that by 2025 around 25 billion connected devices will be in use and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) which provide support to such services can capitalize on the Internet of Things sector which is quickly growing.
  4. Expect a Push for Two-Factor Authentication and Identity and Access Management: In 2016, two-factor authentication and identity and access management (IAM) are going to become very important for MSPs and their customers and is expected to continue next year as one of the top trends.
  5. 5.Cloud Backup Will Become a Priority: Cloud backup services market is growing and if you are not offering cloud backup services to your customers then you are missing on something very huge. MSPs which are responsible for delivering these services can also provide their customers with data protection.
  6. Compliance-as-a-Service will become increasingly valuable: Compliance-as-a-service can be a worthy addition for MSPs. If MSPs will start offering this service to customers then it will help MSPS to expand their range into healthcare, financial services and other highly regulated industries.
  7. RMM platforms will include new features: In 2016, it is expected that many new features will be added to many RMM platforms in order to make sure that these offerings are able to provide added value to MSPs and their customers.

With so much in demand and such a promising growth rate, it’s time for service providers to buckle up and look out for planning and developing new strategies and technologies to attract a huge amount of customers expanding their range. 

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