Slow Computer Free Fix – How to Fix Your Slow Computer for Free?

Slow Computer Free Fix – How to Fix Your Slow Computer for Free?

Is your computer running extremely slow? If you are having a slow computer while you have no plan to purchase a new one but want to speed it up, this is the right article for you to free fix your slow computer. It doesn’t matter what operating system is running on your computer. You can follow the 4 tips to free fix your slow computer instantly.

1. Detect any virus, trojan, malware has hidden on your computer. This is the most important and earliest thing you have to do. Just make sure your computer is safe without implanted virus or affected files. You need to isolate the affected files with other datas on your computer as soon as possible. Virus, trojan, malware will absolutely slow down your computer and even crash the whole system.

2. Remove those useless programs, applications, games in order to release more hard space for your slow computer. Too many programs, applications installed on the computer also will slow your computer down because they occupy much hard space and computer memory. Your system needs more time to respond every operation you have done. That is why you frequently encounter such phenomenon that your computer is deathly slow and nerver responds you.

3. Defragment the system to improve slow computer speed. How many years has your computer served for you? If you never clean the fragment from the moment when you start using your computer, you would get a slow computer after a few of years. Every operating system has own its defrag function so that PC users can remove system fragment with it. Therefore, you can use defrag on your computer to free fix the slow computer.

4. Run a free registry scan to find out and repair registry errors on the slow computer. Most of the slow computer problems are related to registry. Too many invalid, missing and rubbish registry will affect the computer speed and slow it down. Your slow computer keeps freezing because of the registry errors. To be honest, registry errors is unavoidable because you have to install, uninstall applications, games, programs on your computer frequently. That will change and leave invalid registry entries sometimes will destroy registry keys. So you need to clean up the registry errors regularly. Free registry scaner could help you detect and repair those registry errors in just a few of minutes.

If you are not an expert to fix slow computer problems. I sincerely suggest you download some PC repair tools to detect and fix errors on your computer so that you don’t need to repair PC problems manually. In fact, most of the repair tools are multifunctional and also contain the rescue methods I introduce above.

Are you getting a slow computer? I highly recommend you try to use registry repair tool to optimize and protect your computer regularly. You can download the free trial to scan your computer for free from now on.

Source by Alex