Reselling Best Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Online Sharepoint Services Under Private Labels

Reselling Best Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Online Sharepoint Services Under Private Labels

This article is for all individuals and businesses that are considering selling hosted exchange 2007 services, SharePoint hosting and other services based on SaaS. Most of the reseller services are now offered as Private label hosting; whereby a reseller is able to brand the service under his own brand. This article will serve as a guideline on how to become a reseller and what steps to follow in order to become a reseller for Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services.

Private Label Hosted Exchange is a perfect way to resell hosted Exchange and SharePoint hosting to your customers. Resellers don’t need infrastructure for the services that they will provide as they would have leased the services from another provider. Some providers offer Fully Managed Private label Exchange hosting. Reselling Hosted Exchange 2007 services under Fully Managed Private Label Hosting allows the resellers to completely brand the services with their name and resell the services with there brand name. Resellers’ customers will never know that the reseller is using a Private Label Exchange Hosting Services. Resellers will buy Exchange hosting at low prices and resell it under their own brand to their market. This way the resellers are able to charge their customers based on the market they are catering to and determine their own profits. Resellers are saved from the hassle of managing Exchange infrastructure.

Businesses from small scale to large scale are exploring ways to drive efficiencies and hosted exchange is becoming its preferred option. Microsoft Exchange 2007 will continue to increase its market share. Now is the right time to become a reseller of Exchange 2007 and tap this increasing market.

How easy is to setup Private Label Exchange Hosting?

Private Label Hosted Exchange services usually do not have up-front costs of hardware, software, ongoing upgrade, operational costs. The service is fully managed by service provider who provides service to the reseller.

In order to sell hosted Exchange to customers with confidence, you need to know that the service is reliable and secure. Normally, this assurance can be obtained from service providers themselves.

You need to contact a provider who sells reseller services. Some providers do not charge resellers till the resellers start adding customers. Once you signup as a reseller under a Private Label Exchange Hosting; you get access to control panel from where you can brand the service with your own brand and in this process provide a fully branded solution with your organizations name.

Benefits of Fully Private label solution for hosted exchange and SharePoint

  • Sell the plans which are priced by you and from your Web site.
  • You can have a full “your company” branded control panel.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support
  • Multi-tiered access control at company level and at administrator level
  • Full automation for billing and you can use your own payment gateway
  • Provide full Web template which you can use with your brand to begin offering hosted Exchange 2007 and SharePoint services.
  • Reselling Hosted Exchange using this solution enables you to create an image for your own brand.

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