Quickorder, the Free Software for Restaurant

Quickorder, the Free Software for Restaurant

QuickOrder is a new ordering system  for restaurant management. The program picks up orders and deliver them to the kitchen. It makes data entry easier.

You can control table map, menù and prices, stock in the store,.. In addition, you can take note about customer’s details and waiters, such as who waiter serves a that one table, etc.

 It takes note about customers’ details and waiters, stocks,… 

So you can keep everything under control easly.You can control accounting as well.

To sum up, the system incorporates the features that a restaurant uses many times every day and keeping it simple. 

This system can help to built a business restaurant and make customers happier, because it can increase efficiency orders and decrease time service. It can help you to save money. You have cash control and security to help you keep more the money you earn 

The restaurant software is designed for user friendly and graphic design is cool.  It is easy to use and fast: the graphics interface is very intuitive. The system has a wireless printer.

The software is open source, it operates on Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac. Soon it will available for Windows as well.

Company as a software house, vendors, hardware manufacturer can use the free QuickOrder to their business

You can download QuickOrder for free from:

You can look at an explanation video on:

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