QuickBooks Hosting: Some Considerations for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting: Some Considerations for QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

QuickBooks hosting in a cloud environment is on e of the better ways in which small and medium business can deploy the Accounting application to impart greater flexibility of accessing the application anytime anywhere and in a collaborative environment. Further the security of QuickBooks database access and assured data backup that comes with QuickBooks hosting services is another plus point of the QuickBooks cloud based access.

QuickBooks Hosting , on comparison with desktop based access, has following advantages, which stands true for any Cloud based application hosting and not just QuickBooks Cloud.

QuickBooks Cloud is scalable: As against the desktop environment where the small business has to establish the complete IT infrastructure including well configured individual systems, Database backup facilities and online monitoring tools as well as dedicated IT infrastructure management professionals in place, QuickBooks hosting allows the software to be installed on central cloud servers and accessed by individual users as a desktop interface. The advantages are:

1. System up-gradation costs: For each software up gradation systems need not be reconfigured to meet the application requirement as the actual processing is anyway done on the latest cloud servers, thus saving costs and at the same time boosting network performance.

2. Provisioning free: Since any amount of users can be added quickly for the QuickBooks cloud Hosting service, there is no need to invest in idle IT and hence capital resources are saved.

Application Access flexibility: Rather than being bound to the office premises for accessing the QuickBooks application, QuickBooks hosting enables always on access through any online connection. Thus the internet becomes the LAN and turns the setting of local network for enterprise access obsolete. For business spread geographically this also means that they do not have to buy multiple licenses.

QuickBooks hosting besides providing anytime anywhere access also enables:

1. Platform Independence: QuickBooks hosting enables the application to be accessed across many browsers and platform thus enhancing the ways in which application can be accessed.

2. No need of Local network: Since the local network becomes obsolete, the small business saves costs on not only setting up the LAN but also saves on the costs involved in maintaining the network.

QuickBooks Hosting enables better security and backup: Data security in today’s  IT scenario needs proactive security management tools and QuickBooks cloud hosting enables best online security for small business through better monitoring and data backup features.

1. Multiple data backup: most small business lacks technical expertise for proactive data backup facilities and constantly monitoring them for threats. QuickBooks host have the elaborate mechanism in place for multiple data backup geographically spread over many locations for data security.

2. Online Network monitoring: The network is most proactively monitored by the QuickBooks Cloud Host for security using latest tools which may be out of reach for small business.

Collaboration with QuickBooks Hosting Services: QuickBooks hosting in the cloud enables collaboration among different users which naturally saves a lot of time and boosts efficiency of the small business and also saves on the precious scarce human resources.

1. The collaboration in the QuickBooks cloud environment is real time wherein different users simultaneously access their designated files and work upon it.

2. Users, if permitted, can work upon the files of others and make changes so that the face to face interaction is replaced by real time online collaboration and hence saving time.

Cost saving: Ultimately it is the Cost saving nature of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting that is of utmost concern for small business. QuickBooks Hosting services leads to costs saving as many functions involved in desktop based deployment are overtaken by the QuickBooks Host. :

1. No installation and up-gradations costs involved for the small business

2. Technical support are available as part of the QuickBooks Hosing package and hence it means no additional cost for the small business.

3. Free data back up and security offered by the QuickBooks hosting service provider.

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