Parental Control Software with Bsecure CloudCare Version 6.0


It very rare nowadays for household to have only 1 computer, with children switching between a family machine in the media room, the desktop in their bedrooms, and a laptop for computing that is easily transferable from one locale to another.  Contemporary products enabling parental control of internet use need to realize that offering protection for 1 machine won’t cut it anymore, and the web based Bsecure CloudCare Version 6.0, retailing at $49.95 per annum, does exactly that, although it dawdles behind its competitors in a few key areas.
Your initial Bsecure payment allows for installation of up to 3 machines, and it is possible for users to add more should they find they need to for $19.95 per extra computer.  The 3 product package is becoming a standard these days, with CyberPatrol Parental Control 7.7, at $39.95; CyberSitter 11, for $24.95; and Safe Eyes 6.0 for $49.95 all offering 3 licenses to the consumer.  However, Net Nanny 6.5, retailing at $39.95, will charge you an extra $20, although it does remain Editor’s Choice as far as parental control is concerned.  On the opposite end of the spectrum there is OnlineFamily.Norton, available for unlimited installations all free of charge.
When you’re setting up this program you will select whether or not to employ similar parental control configuration for each and every user, or whether to specify case by case settings for each of your children.  If you decide on settings applicable to each separate child individually, you are able to insert their names; choose an age range; and finally select an icon to represent each one.  The program contains preconfigured settings for 4 different age ranges: Child, 1 to 8 years old; Youth, 9 to 12; Teen, 13 to 17 years old; and, finally Adult for those 18 years old and older.
There is also the alternative named Ultimate Protection with No Customization that has been created for grownups who desire a higher level of control than those discussed in the previous paragraph, and if this mode is in effect you will not be able to make any changes to the settings of the program at all.  Should you wish to alter the software’s filtering settings, or even uninstall it, you will have to phone tech support in order to do so.  There is also the choice to hand control to an Accountability Partner.  This is a brand new feature, not yet available on other products.
It is necessary to install a small client program on every machine that needs to be managed by Bsecure.  And, if you have established distinct configurations for multiple users you will need to match the Windows account belong to each user on every computer up.  However, once this task is completed the program is ready to begin.


Source by smithon