Neurological Monitoring System

Neurological Monitoring System

Neurological Monitoring System
I hereby declare that I have designed this software Application called Neurological Monitoring System, which would check for the various states of Human Neurons and respond appropriately to handle the situation.

As I heard from many Psychiatrists, and those who try to analyze the psychological causes of some illnesses, many of the illnesses that we get are due to the wrong psychological response from a person.

Biologically this would mean that, whenever we are confronted with stimulii from our environment, our body tries to give suitable responses in an effort to handle the situation. This is essentially done by our brain, which in turn, triggers the secretion of suitable Hormones due to activation by varying Neuron states.

So long as the right response is given it is OK. However consider the situation where the stimulus is imaginary or simulated, then a person facing this stimulus may well be on the way to a simulated disease.

In order to overcome this problem I have designed the said software system. When embedded in a suitable gadget, it would input the Neurological state of a human, in terms of the body electricity.

Now whenever the critical state is reached, the software system gives an alert for the same, and prompt to either continue or discard the stimulii that it got.It could follow on the lines of “Anti Virus” etc. and try its best to discard, copy/archive the stimulus.

In this way this system could prevent many diseases and hence be an investment into the future health of any individual. The ROI would be stem from this advantage.

Source by Miti Bhat