Memorial Folders Funeral Software

Memorial Folders Funeral Software

Funeral directors often create memorial folders in memory of the deceased for client families.  They are an excellent idea because they are suitable for anyone who wants to create a memorial small enough to be carried with them every day. 

Memorial folders are easy to create using funeral software that contains pre-formatted templates and hundreds of themes.  Each keepsake can contain a photo, specific, personal details, and enough space for a memorial verse or brief obituary.

Funeral memorial templates help funeral professionals create a keepsake that give mourners and friends a true sense of their loved ones personal style.  This type of keepsake will be always treasured. 

Providing families the opportunity to find just the right theme from the comfort and convenience of their own home is now possible too.  The funeral home can simply add a link to the funeral software companies online theme viewer. Not only will it be more convenient for the funeral professional in the selection process, but it will show new families how important personalization is to your funeral home.

Once the template has been chosen, using the funeral software, funeral directors can easily create these memorial folders in-house using ready-made pre-scored blank card stock and a color printer.  The blank stock is 8-1/2 x 14 and can be used to create two cards per piece.  The blank stock for memorial folders is sold in quantities of a thousand pieces per order.  As an added benefit, this type of stock can also be used to print acknowledgement cards.

Because the funeral software is so versatile, pretty much anything the family wishes, can be used in the memorial folder. Normally a photo will be on the front alone, or with the name and dates.  A verse, prayer, obituary, or poem usually will be on the inside left page. The service information will be on the inside right page, and any additional text can be included on the back.  Creating a unique memorial keepsake is easy because it allows the funeral professional to even change the fonts, graphics and colors with a few clicks of the mouse. 

Including more than one photo, personal family poems, sayings or goodbyes can be also included to make the memorial folder truly unique. Keep in mind, the better the photo quality, the better the printed version will be. Professionally done photos are usually the best, but most snapshots are also acceptable.

With the proper funeral software, memorial  folders are easier than ever to create and are as beautiful and unique as the loved one who has passed away.

Source by Matt Frazer

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