MediGate – A Complete Hospital Management System Software

MediGate – A Complete Hospital Management System Software

  MediGate HMS Complete Hospital Management System

  Why MediGate-HMS ?

1)   World’s First Ever Mid-Segment Hospital Management System

2)   Easy to learn & Operate-No Training Required

3)   Highly Modular- To Suit Each Hospital’s Need

4)   Best Affordable Price

5)   Multiple Tier Server Architecture-Scale Easily-Thousands of Users

  How MediGate-HMS benefits Customer ?

  Ø Better visibility, control, and efficiency to improve your       services through Enhanced healthcare experience

Ø Provide clinical information to doctors at a mouse – click

Ø Almost Nil – wait time for patient discharge and payment     settlement

  Ø A single- click generated, consolidated bill to the patient for  all services availed.

  Ø Improved hospital administration.

  Ø Reduced administration costs due to better tracking of     expenses.

  Ø Reporting, and effective management of beds and hospital     inventory.

 Ø Mitigating cost and compliance issues.

 Ø Maximized asset utilization through integrated asset     maintenance.

 Ø Improved inventory management by supplier consolidation.

 Ø High-Tech ICU/Ward Alert System.

 Ø Effective monitoring and management of clinical staff.

  Why Choose Us?

  We have overall expertise in the healthcare industry: Pharmacy, Healthcare Product Development and Implementation.  Our large pool  of skilled associates is experienced in designing, implementing, and supporting health care applications.  Our consultants take complete responsibility for analysis, estimation, design and programming, application testing, problem resolution, acceptance, documentation, and status reporting.  They draw from experience and capabilities in healthcare delivery, clinical practice, medical informatics, security and privacy, biomedical engineering, and information technology.

Technology Used :-

Front End :-   Visual Basic .NET (Microsoft .NET 1.1 Framework)

BackEnd  :-   SQL Server 2000 / SQL Server 2005   Can be implemented on LAN / WAN , network based architecture.   Main Modules of the Product (Medigate ) are as follows  

  1.  In Patient Department
  2.  Out Patient Department
  3.  Patient Registration          
  4.  Ward Management
  5.  Stores Management
  6.  Appointment Schedule    
  7.  Roaster Management
  8.  Hospital Administration
  9.  Pharmacy               
  10.  ICU Management
  11.  OT Management
  12.  Purchase Management
  13.  Billing
  14.  Security
  15.  Patient Information System
  16.  Nursing
  17.  System Administration
  18.  Equipment Maintenance
  19.  CSSD
  20.  MIS

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