Make Computer Faster – How To Make Computer Run Faster

Make Computer Faster – How To Make Computer Run Faster

Why does my PC run very slow? This is the question that I was asked most by people. Some people says “ I’ve got a 2.60 GHz CPU and 4 G memory on my computer. How come my computer runs slow”? Actually a computer of high configuration can also has the slow running problem if the user don’t maintain the computer regularly and correctly. This article is to tell you how to optimize  and make your computer run faster

Registry Repair

To make your PC run faster, you should repair registry errors first. Registry is the most important part of Windows System. It stores the running information and necessary settings of all the software, device drivers and system programs. It directly affect the performance of the devices, software and programs on your computer.

But it is very fragile. It can be easily corrupted if you uninstall a program incorrectly. And a virus can also bring disastrous damage to registry. If a registry key is deleted or corrupted, it not only can lead to slow running computer but also severe problems like PC freezes, blue screen and even crash. To optimize your computer, you should repair registry regularly.

Clean Up Your Desktop

Do you often save a lot of files on your desktop? If so, you need to move the files from the desktop to a hard disk. Because the desktop is saved in the system disk. The files on the desktop not only take up the space of the system disk but also slow down the Windows startup and running speed.

After you follow the instructions above, you can feel the computer much faster. But optimizing computer performance is a very difficult thing to do. There are many issues can affect the PC performance. Apart from fixing registry errors and clean up desktop, you should also clean up useless DLL files, disable unnecessary startup items, remove junk files and so on.

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