Key Bank Services, Washington

Key Bank Services, Washington

The bank process the check with a very cognizant practice. The real works just begin as the check is processed on the counter of your bank branch. Banks are open for 24 hours to process financial transaction under with tight deadlines’ pressure and bulky volumes. The journey of the check starts on the distribution area where all assured proof work is handed over the incurring department.
Secondly, the incurring department measures the proof check and estimate the number of items then distributes it to the operator.
Third, the operator encodes the dollar amount along with any missing account number and routing numbers with micro ink: the magnetic ink will enable sorting machine to read the check. The operators make sure that all transactions are on balance before sending them on the sorter. The sorter reads the micro ink on the bottom of the check: sort them and categorize them. The sorter machine microfilmed the check as it sorts and also endorses the check, and prints them with unique sequence number.
Fourth, when the sorter can not function, the proof check can be then delivered to the reconciling department. The reconciling department finds and corrects all the rejected items from the sorter when it is needed. Then the department balances all of the captured check and sends the transfer out to the other banks.
Afterwards of all the reconciling works done, information on account is transferred to the holding system. When holding finish processing any exceptions were on composed items it is preceded to auditing. Auditing the check essentially needs speed and accuracy.
Finally, all Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or Bounced Check is returned to other banks within 24 hours or the bank takes the lost. Adjustment of bank accounts with marking and keeping several years on microfilm and microform records for all checks. Branches can key in inquiry online and get the customer copy of their check for positive items. Obtain the sequence order, to obtain the copy of the check, from the holding system. When’s time to be mailed out to the check with customers’ statement. The checks are sorted to account number order and delivered to the matchmaker. Our customers’ statements are assembled with checks and the other mergers.
With all of those distressing procedures on check processing by the banking institution plus the number of employees’ to handle and manage the job, and the resources: it is ideal for business to search for a check writing software to process the check transpiring market potentials, desirable cash flow, help lower expenses, and affordable cost for prospected customers. The need is on growing demand and so EZ Check Writer evolved from various check writing software. With the advantages you will surely benefited of:
1. Designed With Unique Features: EZ Check Writer Software is designed with unique features for printing out the check with Automated MICR font – the font style at the bottom of all checks. Bank accepts and approved check processed by EZ Check Writer Software.

1. Save Time: EZ Check Writer Software can save time. Actually, processing a faxed check and an order acknowledgment takes under 30 seconds. EZ Check Writer prints single checks similar to the original check. Also, EZ Check Writer can reprint selected checks.

1. Secured Database: EZ Check Writer Software provides security for all checks accepted through permanently kept in the database. EZ Check Writer can quickly search for repeating customers and find any check in the database from a repeat buyer through entering the check number and the amount. EZ Check Writer Software also maintains customer database for making it easier to enter checks especially checks from an existing customer; creating customer satisfaction by having conversation with them through email or fax, including automated confirmations; and tracking sales by customer.

o Cost Efficient: EZ Check Writer offers refund policy with 30-day guaranteed money back minus the transportation and shipping cost. No need for new special bank account and charges ONE TIME FEE! No annual License Renewal! With this offer, you can reduce your business cost.

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