How Will Cloud Computing Affect It Support Services

How Will Cloud Computing Affect It Support Services

How will Cloud Computing affect IT Support Services.

In the 80’s it was Home Computing, in the 90’s it was Internet Computing, the 00’s was wireless computing. What’s next?????????

Cloud Computing is looking to be the way forward.

Cloud Computing, similarly to home computing and the internet will revolutionize the way people interact and use technology. Cloud computing will change the way you live.

By Definition Cloud Computing is style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. Users need not have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure in the “cloud” that supports them.

Any Clearer?

Cloud Computing essentially will remove capital expenditure for the consumer treating the use of a computer as a service rather than a physical purchase as the computing power will be pooled in “the cloud” allowing maximum processing power shared across many systems and infrastructures.

The server infrastructure is therefore integral to the effectiveness of cloud computing and the “virtualization” of its resources to supply the demand of the cloud users. The cloud with be able to be accessed virtually through an internet connection, the server will contain open source and or registered software which can be accessed online and used by the user from any computer with an internet connection. The virtualization of server and client hardware can be distributed to fit the demand.

Where does this put IT support?

Some of the best IT Support Companies in the world rely on maintaining client hardware issues as well as infrastructure problems and software glitches, this could all change with cloud computing as companies will have infrastructures based solely within the cloud, thus removing the need for a complex hard wired network.

IT Support Companies therefore need to identify the need to support server virtualization in order to benefit from the change to cloud computing. When companies adopt a cloud structure they’ll want an IT Support company to be able to provide adequate IT support. Those who focus on server consolidation and flexibility will be those who come out on top.

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