How to Upload the Photo to Your Psp

How to Upload the Photo to Your Psp

Wallpapers on PSP

It is very easy to use your own photos as wallpapers on your PSP. All recent versions of the PlayStation portable has support for setting any Photo as a background wallpaper.

How to upload the photo to your PSP

The first thing you need to do is to get your great photo from your computer to your PSP. The easy way to get this done is to download and use the PhotoToPSP software. Download it from the Photo to PSP programs site and install it on your computer.

PhotoToPSP can transfer and resize your photo. If you photo is larger than the PSP screen it is a good idea to resize it (The photo will require less space on your memory stick and load faster), this program does it automatically.

PhotoToPSP can also work on a large list of photos and transfer and resize every one of them. If you use the free inzomia image viewer you can also create a playlist with zoomed in parts of your image and PhotoToPSP will transfer the whole list and use your zoom settings to get the part of the image you have zoomed in on.

Connect you PSP to your computer, add the photos you want to your psp and use the program to move the photos.

Using the photo as a wallpaper
Now once your photo is transferred bring it up on your PSP. When the photo is displayed press the triangle button to show the menu. From the menu items select “Set as Wallpaper”. A dialog will be displayed to ask you to confirm your choice.

You can use your own photos as Wallpapers without much effort. Now dig through your own photo collection and see if you can not find something more interesting to use as wallpaper on your PlayStation Portable.

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