How To Split Pst File In Outlook 2003?

How To Split Pst File In Outlook 2003?

Outlook and Its Storage Entity (PST): Microsoft Outlook is an extensively used email management program that has gained so much popularity and preference due to its easy usage that does not require any user to get special training to master it. Many individual users as well as professionals prefer Outlook over other difficult to use emailing applications. Outlook stores its mailbox information in the Personal Storage Table (PST) files, which is the major storage entity for this email application. Most of the mailbox items (like emails, contacts, tasks, journals, calendar, appointments, etc) are saved in these PST files only. Large Size of PST Files: If you have been using Outlook 2003 for a large span of time, then the size of your Outlook 2003 PST files must be increasing gradually with time. Large sized PST files in your Outlook 2003 email client create many problems and so it is very important for you to split PST files into smaller parts and create smaller sized PST files. Using a third-party split PST software tool to split PST file in Outlook 2003 is a safe and an apt way to go about it. What Problem is created by Large PST Files? If you have been using Outlook 2003 for a long time, then you must have large sized PST files that can lower the speed of your emailing platform greatly and creates an annoying and time-wasting work environment. Also, you cannot manage large sized files easily. This problem can be solved if you trim PST file in Outlook 2003 into several smaller PST files that are easier to handle and that don’t lower the speed of Outlook. Easy-to-use Third-Party Split PST Software: If you are facing such a problem of lower Outlook speed and difficult Outlook management due to the presence of large sized PST files in your Microsoft Outlook 2003 email client, then use SysTools Split PST software to split Microsoft Outlook files of large size into smaller PST files. This is an easy-to-use tool which is endowed with a user-friendly and clear-cut interface having self-narrative screen instructions to perform the PST splitting process. How to Split PST File in Outlook 2003? You just have to perform the following 4 easy steps to split PST files using SysTools Split PST software: 1. Check the Size of your Outlook 2003 PST File: Before you start the PST splitting process, check the size of your Outlook 2003 PST files. 2. Purchase SysTools Split PST software (If Needed): After checking the size of your Outlook 2003 PST files, then you can invest in a third-party tool if you find PST file size to be very large,. You can purchase SysTools Split PST software as it is a simple and intuitive solution to split Microsoft Outlook files. This software supports almost all Outlook versions (including Outlook 2003). 3. Run SysTools Split PST software on your System: After purchasing the Full Licensed Version of SysTools Split PST software, run it on your system to start the process to split PST file in Outlook 2003. 4. Split PST Files of Outlook 2003: Follow the screen instructions that come successively on the software interface. These instructions will be self-narrative and you will not find any difficulty in successfully completing the process to split Microsoft Outlook files.

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