How to recover the lost or corrupted MTS file?

How to recover the lost or corrupted MTS file?

MTS is the extension of that kind of file format which are Advance Video Codec High Definition (AVCHD) Video files. At first Sony and Panasonic used this file format for their camcorder. Mts is very high-definition recording video file format which support MPEG, AVC, H.264 transparent stream and some more file format. This file format especially designed for camcorder. Now a day all camcorder are using this file format.

MTS file format is high definition video file format so it can be store on blue ray disc. Quality of this video file format is amazing, so it feels real imagination. But the mts file format has some limitation and that is its compatibility. It can be play by only few media player like Blue ray disc player, Sony play station 3 and HDTV. If you want to play this file on mp3/mp4 player, Cell phone, iPod, iPhone or pc then you will have to convert the mts file into common file format.

If without converting the mts file format; you try to play the file on pc then it will raises some error like “cannot open the mts file”. Or if you try to play the mts file directly in other player without converting appropriate file format than the mts file may corrupt or damaged.

When you will convert mts file into common file format then it may be also possible that mts files get corrupted or damaged. During conversion the mts file may become inaccessible.

In this situation MTS recovery software is needed. This software can recover deleted videos from the camcorders. It is easy to use and can recover the mts file in few clicks. It can recover your deleted mts file as well as corrupted or damaged mts file. This software is the best tool for recovering lost mts file.

Source by Jack Farrell