How To Point Your Domain To A Different Webhost

How To Point Your Domain To A Different Webhost

Your website or web address can be called a domain name, and is utilized for your web site as well as for email accounts and to FTP files. You can register a domain name as long as the network solution or server does not show that it is already taken. When you go to register a domain name this is checked automatically. You may also buy existing domains that someone has let expire through expired domain specialty companies.

It is also possible for you to transfer any name that is already active by a web host to a network solution specialist. The process to pint a domain name to your hosting account from a network solution account is somewhat easy.

You can also have many different name extensions for your domains under one domain provider or network solution. It is very important to protect your accounts from being hacked and a program by the name of Domain Protect does this by monitoring and not allowing any name transfers to take place that you have not authorized. Make sure that you provider offers this service to keep your domains from being pirated.

Another tip I would like to give you before we get into how to point your domain to another host is choosing a domain. When choosing a domain do not allow yourself to be prideful, by that I mean don’t choose your name for a business website. I think that everyone should own their own name if possible but not for use as a business website.

For example if you are looking for a mortgage company are you going to look for bobsmithmortgage or wefinancerealestate? Which one makes more sense for a mortgage company to use? Get creative and use the keywords people will be looking for, if you are selling real estate in a particular town try to use the town’s name in the domain, like navarrepropertyforsale or navarrerentals, etc. This is easy to do and will get you much more traffic in the long run.

Now, on to pointing your domain to a new web host. Let’s say that you have registered your domain name with a registrar like Godaddy. You simply log in to your account and look for the domain that you want to edit, then find DNS management. Once you are here, you will see a series of numbers beginning with DNS, replace these numbers with the ones that you get from your hosting company. In most cases you will only have 2 sets of numbers and they will begin like this, DNS1, OR DNS15, etc. But you will have to choose at least 2. Save your changes and wait for about 24 hours in most cases for the change to propagate across the internet, that’s all there is to it.

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