How To Keylog A Computer – All About Keyloggers

How To Keylog A Computer – All About Keyloggers

Installing a keylogger on a computer can give you a full picture of all of the activity that is happening on that computer at any time of the day or night. Knowing how to keylog a computer is not difficult with the right software.

You need to first determine what sort of things you will be looking for or keeping track of. Once you know what you want to find out, then you can look for an appropriate program.

Finding out how to keylog a computer is simple. Once you have found a program that suits your needs, you will simply download that program and install it on the computer. The next thing that you will do is password it so that only you can access it.

Once you have installed the program, you should be able to access the logs that the program records in hidden files on your computer. This can be done either remotely or from that same computer. This will give you a full picture of all internet activity and every keystroke that has been inputted into your computer.

After you have used your program a few times and reviewed the logs, you will know how to keylog a computer. The main thing to remember about a keylogging program is that it must be undetectable and invisible. It should operate in the background and not be visible to any user of the computer. Once you have passworded the program, only you will have access to the information that it provides.

Whether it is your spouse or your children, you will know everything that has been done on the computer whether or not you were there at the time. Forget someone minimizing the screen when you walk into the room. You simply pull up the logs and review them; all of the information is there in black and white.

Source by Lewis Waller