How To Key Log Another Computer

How To Key Log Another Computer

So your instinct is nudging you and you feel that someone is doing something suspicious on their computer. Yet you don’t want to point fingers or ask questions that could start a storm or cause a rift. It could be a worker you suspect is playing games or interacting on social sites more than they are working, a spouse you think is dating on the internet or viewing pornographic materials. It might also be suspicions about a teen or child you feel is going into websites that you have warned them to keep away from.

Whatever the reason, what you need is the means to find out what they are up to on their computer and without their knowing that you are doing so to avoid unnecessary confrontations. A key logging program lets you do just this.

The software will run on the computer without a user knowing that it is there. Also, there is nothing complex or technical about installing it as the program does it all on your behalf. Alternatively, some forms come with a set of simple instructions for you to follow if you wish to key log another computer other than your own. The only thing that you will need to know is the place on the hard drive the logs are saved so that you can later view them.

Also, keep away from free software as they will start to send offers to upgrade which will flash or pop up on the screen and give you away. Spend a little on it and be guaranteed that it will be completely undetectable.

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