How to Find Windows Help Online

How to Find Windows Help Online

If you have a PC that is running Windows, sooner or later you are going to need help.  Windows help is available through a variety of sources, online, by phone, or even through live chat.  You can of course opt to take your PC to your local computer store or expert as well, but with a desktop unit that gets to be a real nuisance.

Find Windows Help Online
If you need help for a specific problem, you can always open a window in your favorite browser and type in “Windows help” and define the problem. Many websites, some reliable and some less trustworthy can be found on the Web.  If you can, I suggest you stick to assistance offered on Windows monitored sites.

The unfortunate fact is that there are many people giving advice on how to make your computer work better, but few actually know what they are doing and how their advice will affect your PC.

Few machines remain at factory specs for long, and those changes you have made to customize your computer may be incompatible with some of the help offered.  If you have a reasonable level of computer proficiency, this option may work out for you.

Microsoft also maintains support and help for Windows products for some time after they are no longer offered on the market.  Still, eventually they do stop supporting older versions with the intent of encouraging you to modernize.  At that point, you really are dependent upon others for Windows help.

Contacting Microsoft Directly
There are two basic ways to contact Microsoft; email and online.  If you opt for email you may need to wait a few days while they get back to you.  This isn’t satisfying or effective.

If you have maintained an extended service contract with Microsoft, you should be able to utilize their customer service department to get all the help you need.  Actual people often operate this, but I can’t guarantee where in the world your help is sitting.

Online you can find several service options and help links.  Common, basic problems are outlined by utility, and you can attempt to find the correct problem, run some analysis, and then try to fix the problem.  Having tried some of these solutions, I know that some are easier and others impossibly confusing for me.

Get Windows Running Fast with Registry Cleaners
If you are having general problems running your Windows software, then a good registry cleaner may be just what you need.  When Windows help fails you, or you just don’t feel up to delving into the complex operating system to fix errors, a registry cleaner will do it for you.

Source by Olivia Larson