How to Change Website Hosting for a Website

How to Change Website Hosting for a Website

So you already have a website host but you plan to change the host. The reason for changing can be many. But let’s not get into that. Instead, focus on what steps to take when changing into a new host so that you not face the problems you had with your previous host.

The new host should have a better plan which offers your more performance, better features, increased stability, and the price that fits the budget.

Below are few steps-

Do Not Be in Haste to Change- Assuming that anything may go wrong, hold on to that old site as a backup. If your website hosting is big there’s a really good chance that you’ve forgotten to move or copy something or perhaps you just can’t remember exactly how things were setup.

Either way, unless there’s some extreme reason to cancel the old host before things are fully up and tested on the new host, don’t change.

If you can afford to leave the old host alive for a month it wouldn’t be a bad decision. That should give you time to find all the bugs and problems with the move.

Be Careful In Choosing New Host- There’s nothing worse than purchasing hosting, getting things moved over, and then realizing that this new host doesn’t offer you the features you need for your website. It’s probably the one of the most frustrating experiences you can imagine.

So before you move your website make a checklist of what your current website uses and make sure there are solutions for all of those features on your new host. Some areas which often are forgotten are database access and scripting options.

If your website uses these functions be sure that your new host will also allow you to use them or at least have a plan in place for how you are going to adjust your current website to fit the new hosts system.

DNS Records- tell the internet where it can find your website. When you move hosts these records need to be updated with the new hosts “Name Server” information.

You should ask your new host what name servers you should use to update your DNS Records. You will need to use this information wherever your domain name Delhi is managed so that people trying to connect to your domain name will reach your new site at the new host.

If you are lucky your host will have its own name servers and also be a registrar, and this will make management easy down the road. If they aren’t a registrar and you fail to update this information properly your website will be inaccessible to the rest of the world, the precious customers.

In all, test everything twice before switching over the new host. Taking time to go through and find the bugs before your users have to, is critical to ensuring you don’t lose users from the move and retain them successfully.

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