How to Capture Image From Video Like Dvd, Blue-ray Disc and More

How to Capture Image From Video Like Dvd, Blue-ray Disc and More

The following tutorial shows you how to capture image from video and save them as jpeg, png and even pdf.

We’ll use the PS3 Game Devil May Cry 4 Final Blue-ray Trailer.

1) Open the video file by clicking the FILE -> OPEN menu item or the OPEN button directly,

2) You’ll see 7 thumbnails on the bottom of the main window of IM Video Image Capture,

3) In most cases, you can click on the thumbnail to seek to the frame, but if you want to be more accurate about location, you can drag the slider directly to the frame. In addition, you can also click the STEP ONE FRAME button or just seek to any frame with the keyboard direction keys,

4) Create a new category for the video, or use an existing one,

5) Seek to favorite frame and click the CAPTURE button to capture it,

6) Click the OK button to save captured frame into built-in image library,

7) Now you can find the frame in the built-in image library,

8) Right-click on the highlighted item and select SAVE menu item to save the frame as bmp, jpeg or png images,

9) You can also export the frame as PDF, or windows wallpaper directly, or even you can export the whole category to an online album.

Thanks for your watching!

Source by Ken Thomas