Hosting ATX tax software – Best bet to improve tax return filing rate

Hosting ATX tax software – Best bet to improve tax return filing rate

In a hectic tax season, managing the client’s data and filing the tax return within the time frame is one of the complexed tasks for a tax preparer. First searching for the appropriate professional tax software which suits our requirements needs thorough market research and then the professional is required to manage the client’s data in secured environment. Well ATX tax professional software has come up with the solution of first issue with its advanced and improved features which takes care of user convenience to the upmost. And hosting can provide the solution of the second problem as most of the application hosting service provider claims to provide secured environment to place the client’s data. Let’s discuss first why ATX tax software should be preferred on other professional tax software.

ATX tax software is user friendly professional tax software created by CCH Small Firm Services. Keeping in mind the user’s convenience, ATX tax software is specially designed for those people who want to work faster and want the features like hassle free data import, easy integration with the data from different sources to improve the efficiency. Not only this, ATX tax software is also providing flexibility and customization of financial statements.

It is also providing the optional new ATX scan and fill function which will help the tax preparers to avoid the time spent on entering the data by finding the financial information automatically from scanned w-2 or 1099 form. As it recognize the forms or documents at the time of scanning in 66 different formats. ATX also takes the help of OCR process which converts the form content to XML data which is transferable to the tax software automatically. ATX tax software also provides the high level of integration with the client’s data. Once the “Lookup tax data” is pushed, it automatically populates the client information with the DMS.

All these advantages can be improved, once ATX tax software being hosted on cloud servers. So rather than deploying it on the desktop, one can host it on Terminal servers and enjoy the benefits of always accessible ATX files. There are other benefits which can be enjoyed by the tax preparer:-

  • Saves cost: – ATX tax software can be installed and run on the terminal servers and users can access the application similar to local desktop interface. That means hosting removes the requirement of maintaining high IT infrastructure at the end of the user. Hosting also removes the necessity of high upfront investment in setting up and maintenance of Local network, security features and data backup. Even they need not to purchase the costly servers or the workstations as they get the services on monthly subscription basis. ATX tax software hosting also allows the clients to avoid the system up-gradation which is very much required in case of local installation of ATX tax software requiring minimum of 2 GB ram. While hosting allows the users to work with any edition and version of the tax application hosting without bothering the user about minimum software requirement.
  • Highly secure software and data access:- Data stored locally is less secure as compared to data which is backed up remotely. As there is no option of automatic data backup in local computer or one cannot afford to install the latest data security tools. Moreover, Database also require constant monitoring for security concerns which demands dedicated technical staff which increases the non operational cost. Hosting resolves this issue as most of the application hosting service provider claims to provide dual data backup of all the important data at multiple locations to combat any kind of disastrous circumstances and user will not lose the single data because of this. Apart from that their network uses the latest firewalls and security tools to ensure secured and authenticated access to make the data more secured as compared to local data backup.

Apart from that hosting removes the location barriers as one can access the application and data without bothering about location.

  • Other benefits: – ATX software hosting provides some other benefits to the users like multiuser access which means more than one user can work simultaneously which improves the collaboration which results into faster and error free tax preparation. Apart from that, application hosting comes up with 24*7*365 days free technical support which means one need not to wait to get the issue resolved in case of facing hassles while accessing the application.

At the end, one can rely on the ATX tax software and file the error free tax return properly. At the same time financial professional can convert this hectic task into an easier task while get it hosted on cloud servers or cloud environment.

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