Guide to Finding Good Web Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth

Guide to Finding Good Web Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth

In the world today there are tons of web hosts out there offering “web hosting unlimited bandwidth” but what’s the catch? In a lot of the cases these companies are tricking the users by including terms in their TOS that say things along the lines of “If we decide that you are using more then the unlimited bandwidth web hosting we sold you we will terminate your account for no reason. It is important to ALWAYS read a companies TOS to see if they will terminate your account without notice. All web hosts have some policies that say if you use too many resources where other user’s accounts are put in jeopardy you can be suspended. This is common practice and is not frowned upon, it the web hosts that purposefully mislead their clients into thinking they are getting unlimited, and then suspending when that client uploads too many files. There are several steps that you can take to ensure you don’t get burned.

Read the Web Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth Policy!

It is very important that yo read whatever policy the company has in place on web hosting unlimited bandwidth. You not only need to read it once, but reading it multiple times and becoming very familiar with it is a good idea, that way if the company you are dealing with decides to contact you, you always have the ability to turn the tables on them by knowing your rights and enacting them. You would be surprised how many hosting client’s do not even know the rules by which their hosting policies are covered.

Ask Questions BEFORE you buy

If you have read my other articles then you already know the steps that need to be taken in order to find an Inexpensive Web Host. From this article you should have learned to only deal with companies that have direct forms of contact such as live chat and telephone communication. Contact the “Web Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth” Provider ask them the important questions like. “Do you suspend accounts without notice” and “What are your resource usage limits” asking these types of questions will help ensure you know what you are a signing up for.

Use your money back guarantee!

The majority of web hosts today have various forms of money back guarantees that you can take advantage of within the first 30 or 60 days of hosting. If you are just reading this article and find out you are with a dishonest host, simply take advantage of your money back guarantee and use your new found knowledge to go get legitimet and honest web hosting unlimited bandwidth.

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