Great Plains Tech Support: Batches Recovery and Other Scenarios

Great Plains Tech Support: Batches Recovery and Other Scenarios

Microsoft Dynamics GP, or former name Great Plains Software Dynamics/eEnterprise is currently available on MS SQL Server platform only. In the past this ERP application was available on Pervasive SQL and Ctree, including version for Mac (server was typically hosted in Windows hardware with Ctree/Faircom database). If your GP was successfully implemented for your company, then from time to time you should expect help in data recovery and other scenarios. Let’s review the most typical cases:

1. Batch Recovery. When user posts batch in GP, she or he should be patient and do not interrupt the process, as posting has several phases and it travels from originating module all the way to and through General Ledger. If you are not deploying Posting Server, then posting process is controlled by GP user workstation with partial control transfer to SQL Server (however it typically gets control back as the work is finished in the current module). This probably explains why if your computer suddenly stalls due to internet surfing or other activity, and posting is not finished, then you will receive locked batch, which crashed in the middle of the way. GP interface has batch recovery mechanism, but as you could expect – not every batch can be recovered by it, especially if posting was completed in original module and then interrupted on the way to GL.

2. Batch table: SY00500. This table in company database if where you as SQL programmer begin the recovery process. The first step is to unlock the batch by changing to zero posting status. Then you are typically trying to repost this batch again and if you are lucky then this is the end of the story, however if batch fails again, the easiest way is to unlock it again and then delete. When you delete the batch you should reenter transactions and post new batch as you would normally do

3. Complicated posting interruption. If above recommendation doesn’t work, you should rescue to professional GP technical consultant help, or restore database from backup if business conditions permit

4. Security and modified reports. This is the second in row of popular tech support cases. Here is what is going on: GP Dexterity allows you to modify existing report, something like SOP blank invoice form, where you can add your company logo, change fields positions, etc. If you do it on one workstation without changing default REPORTS.DIC path in Dynamics.set file, then if you would try your user login on another GP workstation, your modified report will not be found, as at another workstation default path to the above dictionary will be considered as local. And now if you try to print invoice – you will get error message report not found

5. Pervasive SQL and Ctree data repair techniques. If you are on MS SQL, then you use query analyzer to fix your records. In the case of old DB platforms relatively simple way of doing data recovery is by deploying Microsoft Access and creating linked tables there.

Source by Andrew Karasev