Great Plains Reseller Newsflash: Dynamics Gp Performance Tuning

Great Plains Reseller Newsflash: Dynamics Gp Performance Tuning

Microsoft Dynamics GP is SQL Server based application, which opens its resources to SQL Server DBA. Plus you should be aware about Great Plains Dynamics initial architecture, which is Great Plains Dexterity, where first level of event viewing should occur, prior to diving to the SQL Server Performance tuning and events log depth.  In this small publication we would like to review Dexterity level of monitors:

1.       Dex.ini file.  If you got Great Plains upgrade issues, or consistent error messages coming from GP user, which do not allow you to continue normal operation, you should locate Dex.ini file in Dynamics GP (for version 10.0 in Data subfolder) and make the following changes




If you make these changes to Dex.ini file, Great Plains User Workstation will create dexsql.log file in Dynamics GP folder.  You should come to the point of getting error message or stacking situation in GP and then just copy this file to cut the bottom of it, where it logs the problem description and in good like scenario the reasons

2.       SQL Server Book online.  Here you can find the description to SQL based error message

3.       GPS_SQL_ERROR_CODES table in Dynamics Database.  Here you can find Dynamics GP Great Plains related errors and their causes if documented in Descriptions

4.       Appealing to Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical support.  MBS tech support works by case schema, meaning that if you are current in GP annual enhancement program and you have Deluxe plus support with unlimited cases per year, you can enjoy free case-by-case support, please check your support level with your Great Plains VAR or Microsoft Business Solutions directly.  If you on budget annual enhancement program, you will have discounted price for each case and you should manage Microsoft technicians to close the case only when case is resolved to your satisfaction

5.       Getting Great Plains Technical support from your Great Plains Reseller.  Your Great Plains Partner is likely more familiar with your Great Plains implementation, customization, integration, custom reporting, data conversion and modified reports.  Opposite to Microsoft, where you pay by case, to your Great Plains consultants you typically pay by hours

Source by Andrew Karasev