Great Plains Reseller Newsflash: Dynamics Gp 10.0 Upgrade

Great Plains Reseller Newsflash: Dynamics Gp 10.0 Upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics GP version 10.0 is current at this time, December 2008.  If you are planning GP version update from earlier versions, such as 9.0, 8.0, 7.5, 7.0, 6.0, 5.5, 5.0, 4.0 or from Great Plains Select on Pervasive SQL or Ctree, then you may read this orientation paper.  It is intended primarily to IT departments and not to Dynamics GP professional consultants (as consultants have access to Technical Knowledge base through their GP Partner Source).  If you are IT support technician and you was chosen to lead Great Plains upgrade project, first recommendation is to get access to Dynamics GP Customer Source.  If you are not sure how to accomplish this task, please contact your Great Plains VAR/Reseller, call Microsoft directly or call our office.  Please, read these highlights:

1.       Upgrade path.  If you are on Great Plains version, earlier than 8.0, then you cannot upgrade in one step and you need to develop your understanding on the upgrade path.  For example, if you are on version 7.5, consider either upgrading to 8.0 and then go to 10.0 or upgrading to 9.0 and then go to 10.0.  If you are on archaic versions: 6.0 and earlier, please get support from professional Great Plains consultant

2.       Upgrading to 10.0.  Here, please note this very important message – this upgrade is service pack sensitive.  For example, if you are on GP 9.0, then Service Pack 2 is required (or higher, you can apply 9.0 SP 4 at this time).  If you are on GP 8.0, then SP 5 is required.  Also, you cannot just use GP 10.0 CD to do the job.  Great Plains 10.0 SP 1 is required (SP 3 or 2 are better options in our opinion).  As we got multiple upgrades under our belt, we feel the need to share with you User Security import issues, attributable to Great Plains 10.0 Service Pack 1, so consider SP3 or SP2

3.       Migration from Ctree or Btrieve/Pervasive SQL.  Dynamics GP has special migration tool, which will move your Pervasive or Ctree data to Microsoft SQL Server

4.       Great Plains Registration Key.  Key is required, and it is in direct relation to your status in Dynamics GP annual enhancement program.  If you lapsed in this program, you likely do not have access to new GP version key.  If this is your case, please contact your Great Plains VAR to get information on reenrollment

5.       FRx, ReportWriter, Dexterity customization, eConnect application, Integration Manager Integrations, VBA/Modifier, GP ISV Add-Ons, Crystal Reports upgrade.  Please, try to identify these modifications to your Great Plains ERP installation and include them in the plan

Source by Andrew Karasev